The Millennium — what will it be like?

Firstly, I would like to thank Lee who commented on a post regarding Jesus and Socialism.  In that comment Lee succinctly writes about how the Lord will rule during the millennial period and I encourage you to click on the link and read this comment which I found to be most informative and doctrinally sound.  Also, you can hear Jacob Prasch teach on this very same topic  HERE. It’s around 4 minutes long, and well worth the effort to listen to. I found that I had several light bulb moments while listening to it. Jacob explains what the purpose behind this millennial time frame is for, and what it means for those who have been given bodies like Christ and what it means for those who will live and who have been born into this time frame. I personally have never really thought about it in great detail, so I was excited to learn more about it. There is an ongoing plan for the millennium; it is a time for preparation for everyone.

The reason I am blogging about Lee’s comment is because it fits in very nicely with a few things that I have found regarding the future Temple and the future sacrificial ordinances that are going to happen once Christ comes back to earth to reign.

A lot of people don’t believe that during the millennium that there will be a sacrificial system in place once Christ comes to rule. I have heard Jacob Prasch mention that there will be such a system put in place and I want to address this in my post. That system is for those who are living or have been born into the millennial time frame. Through this system they will be reminded of Christ and what He has done on the cross. This does NOT do away with what Christ did do at the cross, or make the cross redundant in any way. I want to make that abundantly clear.

Then once you have listened to the above short video clip, it is most important that you listen to Jacob’s teaching on the sacrificial system that will be restored during the Millennium. (If you don’t have much time the this video is the one to watch because it deals only with the sacrificial purpose during Christ’s reign here on earth). Jacob says… just as the Old Testament sacrificial system was a shadow that points to the Ultimate Sacrifice of Christ, the sacrifices done during the millennial reign of Christ is a reminder to those living during that time, and those who have been born into it. This is a little over two minutes long and an excellent and reasoned response to those who say that the sacrificial system will have no place during Christ’s reign on earth. You will find that it is the Calvinists and Reformists that say that NO sacrificial system will be in place during the millennial reign of Christ. It will help you to understand a little bit more about this most fascinating topic. It did that for me, and I hope it will help you too.

I have also found a post written by ‘The Orange Mailman’ who writes about the sacrificial system at the Temple during the Millennial time period. Here’s a blurb in which he says…

What will be the purpose of these animal sacrifices?  Let me ask this, what was the purpose of the animal sacrifices during the days of Abel, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Elijah, Zerubbabel, and the apostle Paul?  Was it not to point to Christ?  Could future sacrifices also point to Christ?  Yes they could.  Sometimes rituals can point both backward to a past event and forward to a future event.  The passover pointed backward to deliverance for the nation of Israel and forward to the perfect sacrifice of the Messiah, Exodus 13:14-15, I Corinthians 5:7.  The LORD’s supper points backward to the cross and forward to the coming of Christ and His kingdom in power and glory, Matthew 26:26-29, I Corinthians 11:26.  Future sacrifices could point back to Christ and the cross as memorials, or back to the deliverance of Israel from all her enemies and forward to a final deliverance from the last enemy, death, note that the day of atonement has no visible new testament correlation.  Animal sacrifices prescribed in the law never forgave sins, Hebrews 10:4, and future animal sacrifices in Ezekiel’s temple will never forgive sins either; only the blood of Jesus Christ can forgive sins, I Peter 1:18-20.

All of this fits nicely into God’s eternal plan for us and the earth. There is ongoing preparation for those who have been given redeemed Christ like bodies and this is to prepare us for eternity, and there is further preparation for those who live and have been born into the millennium.

On a side note:There is not much teaching around on this topic unfortunately. My guess is the reason behind this lack of teaching is because of the Kingdom Now, Reconstructionists (over-realised eschatology) coupled with the Social Gospel is pretty much trying to set up some sort of kingdom through man’s effort while rejecting the Stone on which the Kingdom is to be built upon. Rick Warren’s P.E.A.C.E plan is a prime example of that.

Psa 118:22 The Stone which the builders rejected has become the Head of the Corner.

I have recently read in Jacob’s book ‘The Shadow of the Beast’ that the Kingdom Now/Reconstructionist movement is the result of Calvinist teaching, which didn’t break away far enough from the Church of Rome, and also of Gnosticism. Much more could be said about this, but I will leave that for another post perhaps.

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