Benefiting from Belief…

‎”Believing in Christ enough to benefit from Him is at best shallow Christianity. At worst, it’s empty, deceptive religion, leading many down the broad path to eternal devastation.” – Craig Groeschel from his book ‘The Christian Atheist’.

I haven’t read this book, just found this quote and would like some of your thoughts 🙂


2 thoughts on “Benefiting from Belief…

  1. Well my first thought is that you don’t truly believe in Him if your motives are of “what can I get from Him”. It may be that the “believer” knows in their head that Jesus is the Messiah and they think this will keep them out of hell. That would certainly be a benefit. But, believing is more than head knowledge, it is surrendering our wills and loving Him with all our heart and soul too which causes us to want to live holy lives.

    Boy, girl, you really got me thinkin on that one! How horrible to think one is saved when they are not!


    • It’s a good thing to really think about though. Although, I think that many people have been saved through the preaching of hell and brimfire.Of course that preaching does deal with the sinner.


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