Melanie Phillips — Islam in Europe…

Morality has been privatised, given way to moral individualism. ‘What is right‘ as a moral doctrine has now become ‘what is right for ME!’ No judgement allowed and coupled with the redefined word ‘tolerance‘ which now means ‘to sanction‘, we have been gagged. We don’t need social-police, we do it to ourselves.


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  1. Great post, Vee. I’ve only watched the first one so far, but thought she was spot on and brilliant. Refreshing to hear people who get it.

    We have the same problem in the US with a lot of the Mexican illegals. The system bends over backwards by giving them benefits galore and yet, they despise and resent us. In fact, I was recently sent an email showing images of a demonstration on the “rights” of illegals at the state capitol of Arizona where they were stomping and spitting upon several American flags which were further desecrated by being spray painted with unintelligible references, all this in the presence of State Troopers protecting them (by orders of Homeland Security) from infuriated war veterans and patriotic Americans who were threatened with charges and jail time should they interfere.

    The blindness of those in political power astounds me. I’ll never understand how a minority (and in our case, many minority groups) can manage to turn a country against itself to its destruction. All parasites feasting on a sick and weak body. Truly, the mystery of iniquity at work.

    I know I’d eventually break down into utter hopelessness if it weren’t for my final and greater Hope Who is not of this world. I honestly don’t understand how conservative unbelievers cope.


  2. Thanks Pearl,

    “Truly, the mystery of iniquity at work.” You got that right Pearl. It is at work in ways that most don’t even understand. The spirit of Antichrist wants to divide and conquer. The Antichrist wants to change times and laws and is doing so as we speak. Jacob Prasch writes:

    We are, however, told in 1 Corinthians 9 that there is the Law of Moses (that is, Torah) and the law of Christ. It is these which Antichrist will seek to change. He will endeavor, and through the spirit of antichrist is already succeeding, in achieving this aim by attempting to remove the body of civil, constitutional, and criminal law away from the biblical principles that were their foundation.

    “political correctness” will increasingly demand “religious correctness.” Opposition to the interfaith and ecumenical agenda (championed in Evangelical circles by Chuck Colson and Rick Warren) will increasingly be legally viewed as a hate crime. This is all being controlled by the spirit of antichrist setting the stage for the arrival of the ultimate Antichrist.

    How many out there really see this as Satan setting up his kingdom?


  3. The reason why I put up quite a few videos in this post is because they each give us a few ideas as to how we can debate regarding this very important issue. I have watched several shows here in Australia that are similar, but compared to this type of debating, we sorely lack anyone with any real backbone like Melanie Phillips. I have not seen on our tv stations anything close to this… where you have three debaters on either side. Instead, we have many people from different walks of life and they all pander to the left side more so. Even the audience seems to be more left! But then again, we in Australia, haven’t YET had the problems that Britain and Europe are facing now.


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