Prophecy IS important!

As you all know, I am going through a book which deals with the Antichrist and prophecies that relate to the end of days. One point that has been raised in the book is the lack of interest that the Church has in prophecy and the Lord’s second coming. How sad is it that the Bride of Christ isn’t looking forward to her husband and doesn’t care enough to even look for the signs. It breaks my heart.

We must remember that as Scripture tells us, “the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy” (Rev. 19:10) [Shadows of the Beast – J J Prasch]

Is this lack of interest a problem? Has this apathy been addressed in the bible? I personally think it has. In fact it is one of the signs that shows us that we are indeed in the last days…

Isn’t this apathy towards God’s prophetic word also be one of the signs that happens before the return of Christ?

Nathan Jones: Yes, it’s that Church of Laodicea mentality which claims, “We’ve got it all together and we don’t really need you, God. We are just going to keep on practicing Christianity without Christ, thank you very much.” Such an attitude is definitely a sign. [read more]


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  1. Yes prophecy is important and God’s people should be readying themselves. I am going to get the book you are referring to shortly. Take care & God bless, Leonie


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