Journalism without an agenda — Does that even exist today?

I am NOT going to get all political with you today, I promise. But what I do want to illustrate is that we live in a world where taking things completely out of context seems to be the order of the day. This happens sometimes mistakenly… but does it happen on purpose? Yep, it happens on purpose too.

The following is a video about some shoddy reporting from CNN regarding Sarah Palin (I promise this won’t get political!). It’s pretty bad. In fact it’s R-E-A-L-L-Y bad! I just want to bring to your attention to it so all of us can be aware that not all that is reported as factual, is factual and can be pretty disingenuous. What are the reasons that lie behind this type of disingenuous journalism??? Well….. I will let you consider and ponder on that. I don’t need to answer that one for you. You’re all pretty smart 😀

So, here you go. Watch it and see today’s agenda driven journalism in action…