Where have the men gone?

WOW! Just finished reading a post about our men and women of faith. You may find this post interesting too. Here’s a tease for ya…

A bit of my feminist side must be coming to the fore here, all because of three episodes in the past 24 hours. All have to do with strong, heroic Christian women who are taking a stand, regardless of the cost. My question is: Where are all the gutsy men of faith? Why does it always seem that women are doing our work for us?

I thank God for strong, vibrant women of faith. But I bewail the fact that often there are so few male counterparts to this. Often in the churches today it is the women who are showing up for the prayer meetings, getting involved in the various causes, while men seem to be asleep.

Do you see the same thing in your neck of the woods? I do.


9 thoughts on “Where have the men gone?

      • i know my dear sister, i have HIM and HE has me. If it were not for the Sound Bible teachers that i know, that have helped me grow by HIS Grace i would have been a backslider and apostate a long time ago. Every single women (me) or married needs a Mordecai and The LORD has bless me with the ones i need. Jacob Prasch is first on the list, he has tought me more of what the Bible is about, “Faith is Faithfulness” to The ONE who Saved me. i was the good thief on the Cross…that knows i was guilty and my LORD was innoent. HE is the LORD of LORDS and the KING of KINGS. Amen


        • Dear Gloria,

          Jacob Prasch has taught me so much. I have learnt how to recognise shadows and prophetic typology. I enjoy learning about how the bible should be understood within its Jewish context and not through a Hellenistic context.

          Thanks for commenting, and as always, for the encouragement.

          Many blessings



        • Vee you encourage me like the other women that have…Caryl Matrisciana and the other women that are discerning. Womens Discernment Conferences by G-D’s Grace have help me. The times we live in now, it is soooooo important to understand the times and stay aware and alert. Thank YOU my dear sister!!!


  1. Hahahhaha (Mike’s comment)

    This is a huge issue everywhere. I could say a lot about it and I have started more than one blog post about it only to back it out because there are so many issues and layers I can’t find a stopping point! I once started this issue as a topic of discussion on a Christian forum years ago and boy-oh-howdy did it stir up some emotion.

    I better get out of here… 😉


    • Personally, I don’t want to get into the many layers this issue could bring out. It’s just an observation that I have made myself, and when I read this post, I thought… hmmmm, so it’s just not me who sees this.

      There are MANY men (like Mike above) that are strong and stand up for the truth. I will continue to uphold them in my prayers.


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