Rick Warren and his pluralistic dream…

One mover and shaker for a One World Religion/Government is none other than Rick Warren. Don’t believe me. Here he is in this very short video…


5 thoughts on “Rick Warren and his pluralistic dream…

  1. Warren is a very confusing person. He seems to want to be all things to all people instead of making a stand for the truth. I believe in freedom of religion for all people too but it’s very sad to make people think that their false religion is just another pathway that brings us all to the same heavenly place.

    And then in his recent interview with Piper It’s like an interview/event to clarify any previous misunderstanding that he is a “social gospel” proponent. It has the affect of making you wonder if Warren’s been misjudged.

    I know very little about Piper but it makes me wonder about him! That’s what happens to me when someone favors Warren… it’s a red flag for me!

    Thanks Vee.


  2. There is NO shade under the bramble bush only pain and death, Judges 9:15. Rick Warren has many brothers, they all have the same father Satan


  3. I haven’t even watched the interview with Piper. The fact that you come away confused with Warren and his stand DOES mean that something is NOT right. Don’t you think?


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