I want to Grow up Deep too — Just like Lorrie Ransom!

I am soooo delighted to tell you that my good friend Lorrie Ransom from ‘Grow up Deep‘ blog has been interviewed recently. I love her and have admired her strength and encouragement in the Lord for quite a few years now. Lorrie is a regular at this little blog and we have developed quite a friendship over the years. Lorrie is a true disciple of the Lord, a sister in Christ who has a joy about her that can only be attributed to her relationship with Jesus.

I for one would love Lorrie to become a published author, she is poetic and artistic and has a way of looking at things that really make you think; perhaps even challenging you. I know she has done that for me, and for that, I am most grateful.

Lorrie explains what her title to her blog means, and also speaks about her faith, where it was and where it is now. Her journey is an evolving one all the while keeping her faith strongly grounded in the Living God while testing all things through the Word of God.

The person who interviewed her is Marja who has just brought out her own book called  Grace of Giving. I am hoping this book comes out on the kindle, hint, hint. Lorrie has read it and you can find her review of that book HERE.

So, without further ado, HERE is the interview.


6 thoughts on “I want to Grow up Deep too — Just like Lorrie Ransom!

  1. Thank you Vee – your words give me the happy heart, you spoil me! I truly appreciate your friendship, love and encouragement. You have blessed me big time now and since first being led here to Living Journey!

    Love you sister ♥


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