Jacob Prasch on Revelation tv

Just finished watching a video of Jacob Prasch being interviewed. He deals with how he tried to disprove the bible only to find that he couldn’t. He speaks about Darwinism and Creation and how the evolutionary theory is failing and beginning to crumble because of our knowledge of information science.
He also speaks about how the book of Genesis is theologically and doctrinally correct historical account compared to the Mesopotamian and Egyptian creation legends. He correlates the book of Genesis with the book of Revelation nicely, they are essentially companion books.


3 thoughts on “Jacob Prasch on Revelation tv

  1. Thanks Vee, i do know about this and i have informed some people. i do hope many listen, just like i hope and pray that many have bought the DVD “Daniel Project” Much much Grace to you dear sister!


    • Gloria, that’s GREAT about informing people. We need to inform as many people as we can via any medium made available to us.

      I can’t wait for more people to watch the “Daneil Project”. There is going to be a companion book too. Also Prasch has another book coming out this month which looks interesting.

      Many blessings



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