World events — are we reaching a predicted crisis?


I just wanted to give a shout out to something that I have come across and cannot dismiss too lightly. There is this dvd out called “The Daniel Project” which I have purchased and have watched. What it contains is so relevant for us today it’s seems too incredible to be true. The thing is this, the evidence that is all around us, and the evidence that has been written in prophetic form thousands of years ago is VERY credible, more than you probably know.  Have we begun to really understand, has the seal been broken? If you actually watch this dvd (and I really urge you to do so) and ignore all the signs of our times and all that has been predicted thus far which is falling into place with such accuracy… then you would have to be either willfully blind or have your head stuck in the sand! I will just share some of the reviews with you first, then I will post the blurb about this movie which is SO poignant and relevant in regards to the times in which we live…


“Clearly, we are all in a lot of trouble if something isn’t done soon. At an hour and a half long the content is superb! For the amount of material the documentary has to cover, it is an excellent piece of film-work.”
LA Morrison (TV Film Producer)

“Unlike films in a similar vein, the facts within this production shouldn’t be so easily dismissed. Could there be a much bigger picture that most of us are ignoring and, ironically, we appear to be behaving as prophesied?”
Marc Pye (Television and Film Script Writer)

“I found this film really informative, exciting and scary all at the same time. I loved the way the film was made, allowing the viewer to make up their own mind particularly as this documentary will shake up a lot of people. To be honest, it’s pretty hard to ignore.”
Andrew McBean (Security Guard)

“The Daniel Project is an amazing documentary that I found confronting, challenging and revealing. It explores a subject that is as relevant as tomorrow’s newspaper headlines, a subject that everyone is interested in, namely, what is going on and what’s coming next! The film unravels predictions of past history that were made with total and undeniable accuracy and links them to life right now in 2011. This is not a ‘must see film’ in the way that films are exaggerated and hyped-up these days, this is a film that will make you think, consider and react in a way that may save your life.”
Dennis Hirschfield (Australia)


The Daniel Project is a full length documentary made for secular TV and cinema around the world. Taking a look at the ‘signs of the times’, the atheist presenter invites the viewer to join him on the journey of a lifetime as the film investigates what the Biblical prophets had to foretell about the days in which we are living. Economic crises, an increase in natural and man-made disasters, wars and rumours of wars in the Middle East and the surveillance society are just some of these signs.

The producers have issued a special limited edition DVD set of the film which is available only from the website where further information can also be found.

Make sure you thoroughly view this website and view the trailer, read about the people in the movie, behind the movie and those who have watched the movie.


11 thoughts on “World events — are we reaching a predicted crisis?

  1. Hello Vee,

    Thanks, that is interesting info and trailer. Just a tad too dark for my ancient eyes, though.

    I see the Jewish scholars looking at the future through the lens of Daniel alone, without the benefit of the dispensational teaching of the New Testament and fulfillment of some of those Daniel prophecies as well as seeing the future for believers and unbelievers.

    Indeed we are nearer to the end times Rapture of believers prior to the disclosure of the false christ, the Man of Sin, the Antichrist. The trailer presents it well.

    But without the complete story of the salvation of man by faith in Jesus Christ alone, His death and resurrection — those without Christ are destined to suffer the terror of the Great Tribulation of which The Daniel Project speaks.

    Would have been nice to see the Gospel presented as the solution to all of these inevitable coming events.

    In Jesus Christ eternally, Jack


  2. Hi Jack,

    The movie does address more than the book of Daniel, much much more. This is a secular produced film with an atheist being challenged to really have a look at what’s happening and whether things line up perfectly with the bible or not, it’s a challenge and a half! Jeremy Hitchen, the Atheist is really quite scared and he does ask if there is any hope of some kind of rescue, the answer is presented in a way that has Jeremy’s interest piqued…. I think it’s great and after watching it I will continue to recommend it to friends and on this blog.

    In Christ



  3. OK Vee,

    Guess I did not get the gist from the trailer.. and a secular produced film giving a clear Gospel??? Amazing!!

    In Jesus Christ eternally, Jack


    • What this movie does is examine past prophetic fulfillment and examines present fulfillment and asks the question…if everything has happened with such accuracy in the past and it is appearing to be presently lining up with ancient prophecies, then, can the bible be trusted? The film challenges each and everyone to examine for themselves and to reach their own conclusion with the evidence given.


  4. After looking at this DVD from every possible source, reading your blog was the “boot in the butt” that finally galvinized me into action. I bought it! Can’t wait for it to come. Thanks.


    • So glad to hear that you have bought it Blair. You won’t regret it. I know several people who have bought it and said that it was a real eye opener, thought provoking and timely.

      Thanks again Blair 😀


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