Godly Sorrow

Okay, those of you who bless me with your readership may have noticed that there is some really good discussion going on with expreacherman. The discussion has been gracious and challenging to say the least. I just want to turn your attention to a further discussion on his blog. I have been visiting his blog with a few questions about what is ‘repentance’ and the differences between ‘Godly sorrow’ and ‘worldly sorrow’.

I know that other issues will be raised, and those may be the teaching of ‘Once Save Always Saved’ and the whole ‘Works based Salvation’. I personally would love you all to enjoy this discussion and to remember that this issue is not one to separate the body of Christ. Although I am sure there are those out there who would seem to think that it does. I personally don’t think it does. Nevertheless, it is an important one to discuss and inquire of.

Please join me on his blog, or alternatively, if you want to remain anonymous, feel free to email me with subject matter in the title and I will pass on your thoughts, concerns and insights on this matter.

In Christ


4 thoughts on “Godly Sorrow

  1. Dear Vee, I clicked on the sign and left a comment there, expecting that to be your web site. Here is what I wrote:

    Thanks for inviting your friends to visit my Blog. I pray I will have the stamina to handle it — especially if they are as curious and perceptive as you. Be merciful! 😉

    They may remain anonymous but if they want to receive a notice of new followup comments.. they should include their email… which is never published.

    Your sign.. “Change your mind (repent) and turn to God..”

    Making a u-turn by changing your life or direction will not wipe out sins — only changing your mind about God and what Christ has done for you and then trusting Him alone as Savior will do that. 😉

    Picky I know — but honest..

    Just a sample of the discussion. ,-)

    In Jesus Christ eternally, Jack


    • What I meant is that if they email me, and want to inquire more, I will pass on their questions onto your blog.

      Some people are quite shy and not as upfront but still have many questions. I would rather their questions answered than ignored.

      The sign… yep picky, but Grace covers that right?


  2. Looks like I’ve been out of the loop and have some interesting reading to catch up on when I get some spare time…


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