I find it somewhat ironic, if not a little amusing that this “Lordship Salvation” of which I have just learnt about, comes from mostly the Calvinist camp. Yet Calvinists charge Armininian/Wesleyan’s in pretty much the same way. A works based salvation. Funny ol’ world we live in. In it?


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  1. Hi Vee,

    How ’bout being neither Calvinist nor Arminian but a Biblicist.

    Arminius believed you could lose your salvation and Calvin thought God chose some for Heaven and left the rest to go to hell. (Wonder how Calvinists KNOW they were chosen), Both teachings don’t withstand close Biblical exegesis.
    Neither of the two can ever seem to say say with certainty that they are guaranteed to be Heaven bound and explain why (Biblically).

    Yes it is a funny old world where folks twist Scripture to suit their belief rather than have Scripture in context form their belief.

    In Jesus Christ eternally, Jack


    • Yes… I am reading about that currently. And I am certainly willing to have a teachable spirit as the Holy Spirit enlightens me in the Word of God. I hope to always have that willingness to be taught and NOT get stuck in the many ‘isms’ that are out there.

      Thanks again.



  2. Calvinism & Arminianism

    The true division is between limited atonement and unlimited atonement.


    • Steve you may be interested in joining me in a discussion over at expreacherman’s blog. I have just done a post about it where you can find the link to his blog.

      I would certainly love you to join me there. I still have a few questions, but I needed some clarification on what repentance is and is not, what is “Godly sorrow vs worldly sorrow”.

      Hope to see you there 😀


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