Love Wins — A Book review…

Finally a book review that I happened to find on the Moriel website. The book in question is
Rob Bell’s “Love Wins”.

Mocking Truth: Rob Bell’s False Hope, Worldly Heaven and Earth-Based Hell

By Berit Kjos
April 4, 2011

Book review: Love Wins by Rob Bell

“There is an energy in the world, a spark, an electricity that everything is plugged into. The Greeks called it zoe, the mystics call it ‘Spirit,’ and Obi-Wan called it ‘the Force.’ …This energy, spark, and electricity that pulses through all of creation sustains it, fuels it, and keeps it going. Growing, evolving, reproducing…”[Rob Bell, Love Wins, pp.144-145]


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  1. Another post on “Love Wins” from the Moriel site…

    Love Wins: Rob Bell Is Partially Right

    Bell’s sincere plea that God’s message of love be the primary emphasis of evangelism and the hallmark of the gospel is what makes his book partially right. His confusion over hell and who gets into heaven, is unfortunate. It is birthed by sincere concern for others, but when coupled with an unwillingness to take the Bible at face value, unpleasant biblical truths are hard to swallow and seemingly incompatible.

    But Bell is partially right: the truth of the matter is that love does win, but it’s the biblical definition of love that wins souls; the human definition of love wins only readers.

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  2. This is the best review of the book I’ve read, love it!

    I always find it “funny” that in THE VERY beginning, Eve took what God said and added it to it.. even as she spoke with the Serpent! She includes that they were told not to touch. God didn’t say that. Now it may be best not to touch but she misquoted God. Seems to be alot of that going on in these end times.

    Thanks so much for sharing the review, it was great!


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