Two pop divas go out of this world!

Okay, I’ve mentioned recently that I had a certain post coming up on my blog that spoke about Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. I never in my wildest dreams would have thought that those two names would even be uttered here on Living Journey, but they have.

I did give you all a warning about this post and that I was a little unsure if I was going to post it because of it’s context. Well, it seems that Christian Post has addressed the Gaga issue and it raises some important points. The points raised has to do with the latest song of Gaga’s and the lyrics it contains. One pastor feels that Gaga shows an unconditional love that Jesus has for the outcasts. Much could be said about this topic alone. This post is not about that to be honest with you, it’s about something more visual and disturbing. It’s about the images to both Perry’s and Gaga’s new songs. What are they telling us?

So, here is the post that I had in draft for quite a few days and it is disturbing and there is something quite sinister about all of this.

I don’t really like to spend to much time on certain things on this blog, but I have come across something that is quite unnerving. We have all seen and heard of the pop divas, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, right? Well, these two divas are driving culture (youth in particular) to accepting something that is NOT of this world.

First let me just take you to a website that I have been lurking around for about a year now. L. A. Marzuilli has been speaking out for ages about the whole Alien/Nephilim thing and he has written many books on the subject. He has just done a blog post where he speaks about Katy Perry’s new song “Supernatural”. It is a must read post and it DOES come with a warning that if you go and check out the video clip there are vulgar scenes and language. That particular post also has the “Supernatural” lyrics on it and they are a must read! The song is about angels,aliens who could be the devil, illumination from something outside of this world, alien sex, procreating with alien DNA and complete submission to an alien being to be united and to understand all. If you read them (and I really hope you do) I am sure you will be as shocked as I was. But the point must be made that something is happening and it’s most definitely a spiritual thing. My thought led back to the scripture…”As in the days of Noah”.

So what about Lady Gaga? What has she been up to? There is this other site called “Vigilant Citizen”, which isn’t a Christian site, but it examines music media in light of occultic images.

Lady Gaga has this new song called “Born that way”. And the film clip is just riddled with occult symbolism. Vigilant Citizen explains with stilled frames of the video the occultic messages behind the film clip. You don’t have to watch the video because you can see and read pivotal points that “Vigilant Citizen” has found to be of most importance to the New Age/Occultic agenda. What is made clear to me is that pop videos are not just random images pulled together that are designed to shock, but behind these images is something very sinister and not all recognise it for what it is!

These two new videos by these two divas of today’s pop both have similar messages that contain supernatural experiences and acceptance that is being sucked up by the young and naive. It is blatant occultism of which I recocgnised straight away because of my involvement in that scene before I was saved.

Just one thing that is of great importance. You may wonder why with Gaga song, that the film clip seems to have nothing to do with the lyrics. Why is that? Well, this is something that we may have to understand a bit more. It’s called duplicity. “Vigilant Citizen” explains to us why duplicity is used…

Born This way uses the classic technique of duplicity, which can be defined as “contradictory doubleness of thought, speech, or action; especially, the concealment of one’s true intentions by deceptive words or actions”. The song’s lyrics say one thing, but the powerful symbols within the video go in the opposite direction. This leads to a contradiction our minds attempt to resolve: Is “boundless freedom” equivalent to the coercive new world portrayed by Gaga?

Something IS happening, it IS spiritual and our youth are falling for it BIG time. Again I remind you all that we do not wrestle against the flesh but against principalities and powers. Spreading the Truth and Pray is our weapon of choice!

And just in case you don’t think something is going on listen to Katy Perry talk about her Christian upbringing then she sarcastically says something that may not be far from the truth!


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  1. Wow. Finally had a bit of time to go through some of the articles and ended up looking at Christina Aguilera as well. I asked my daughter what she thought of Lady Gaga and her response was that she didn’t like the music at all. (Praise God for that!) Still to ask the others in the family. Thanks for doing this article.


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