A new post coming up – Maybe?

I have a post in draft which I am not sure whether or not to post. It’s about the pop culture and how today’s pop diva’s (Katy Perry and Lady Gaga) have released new songs with very sinister/alien overtones. Would you like to read this post or not? You can leave a comment here, or just email me at livingajourney@gmail.com to let me know. Or contact me HERE.


3 thoughts on “A new post coming up – Maybe?

    • Whoah!! I read that article and I can’t believe this statement…

      The Rev. Brian Kirk, a pastor in the Christian Church and adjunct faculty teacher at Eden Theological Seminary, applauded Gaga for her ability to echo Jesus’ unconditional love to the outcasts of the culture in her single “Born This Way.”

      “I’m not sure why over the many years of the Church’s existence, we have often ignored this approach and have instead preferred to tell the story of humankind’s innate depravity and sinfulness. Many recent national surveys indicate that young people today primarily identify the Church, not with a message of love, but with a message of judgment and self-righteousness.”

      He continued to write in his column on the Mainline Protestant portal, “It is no wonder that some youth see the Jesus of Scripture mirrored more in the music of popular culture than in the life of the Church.”

      “Lady Gaga speaks directly to those the Church would condemn and offers an alternative vision of a world without judgment – not unlike Jesus’ own vision of a kingdom of God centered in grace and forgiveness.”


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