The coming is at hand!

I have just watched something that may interest you…it was a segment on CBN. The segment was about the coming Islamic Messiah. Here it is if you want to watch it…

Well, that really got me interested so I did a bit more research and found the actual propaganda film that is spoken about on this CBN footage.

The blurb to the video says…

This movie has been produced in Iran by an organization called “Conductors of The Coming” in collaboration with the Iranian president’s office and the Basij (Iranian paramilitary force).

I must also check out THIS site too. Phew… not enough hours in the day, but I will just plod along.

If you do happen to sit down and watch it, you will notice just how many biblical parallels are mentioned in regards to the prelude of this Islamic messiah. He will reign from Iraq/Babylon after much turmoil between religions and tribes, and after many natural disasters the time will be near from the Islamic messiah to show himself. The recent middle-east turmoil is also another prelude to this particular messiah.When this video speaks of this messiah coming, there is footage that shows a rider on a white horse that represents this messiah. Emmm, the book Revelation and the rider on the white horse is brought to mind here. I for one believe the first rider on the white horse is NOT Jesus but is the AC, and now my thoughts on this are even more justified.

Anyway, the video is half an hour long and a bit tedious in parts, but it is worth setting aside the time to see if you can see any more parallels that I may have missed. Now there’s a challenge for ya!



6 thoughts on “The coming is at hand!

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  2. Impressive research, Vee! Very interesting. I’m going to plod through the vid tomorrow (since it’s near my bedtime). Walid Shoebat believes the AC will be Muslim, doesn’t he? But I’m not so sure. I think that AC’s religion will be waaaaay more ecumenical than Islam would ever allow. So, I’m watching the Vatican, which has in so many words embraced Islam, but not necessarily the other way around (if that makes any sense). But I’m merely a casual study. I have much to learn.


    • I have much to learn too Pearl. As we get closer to the His coming it will be unfolding before our very eyes and this will become a lot more obvious I think.


      • Well, I watched it (with the sound muted), and I was amazed by the striking paralles. Strangely enough, I couldn’t help but feel truly sorry for the millions (billion?) of them who are seeing events unfold and no doubt nodding their heads in agreement, saying “See? Just as the Hadith says!”.

        What a mission field (you first! 😉 ).


  3. Wow – if it’s not obvious that we are in a battle already then….!! I once heard/read that Anti-christ was synonymous with “instead of Jesus”. This really rings true today with so many spiritual avenues out there that can sound like the real deal INSTEAD of the real deal. Time is short – the devil knows it. He is feverish and seeking to devour!! Great work Vee.


    • You are right Lorrie. As we get closer to His coming, things will accelerate and the fulfillment of prophecy will get closer together. Just like child birth pangs!


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