Why creation is important…

I find it absolutely fascinating that I have friends, smart friends who will write this  on their FB wall…

Recent evidence shows that were the universe just slightly different, it wouldn’t exist long enough for any life to develop. The odds of a universe that we can exist in are very small, based on chance.
The controversial Anthropic Principle states that the universe can only exist such that carbon-based life can arise.

But then swear black and blue that everything did happen by chance and that they don’t believe in special creation. Do you have friends like this? I have a number of them. I love them and I wouldn’t be without them. They see creation and the universe through a different lens than I do.

Anyway, clearly from this statement he is in awe of the universe and nature has spoken to him, but he still refuses to believe in the biblical account.

We know people reject the knowledge of God revealed in nature, and that must motivate us to proclaim the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ. Only by accepting God’s grace through the Lord Jesus Christ can people be saved from their sins and rescued from an eternity apart from God. [source]

Accepting what the bible says about a very unique supernatural event — the six day creation — is in my books very important to understanding that God really does show Himself as a unique being and an Almighty God. He does reveal His supernatural nature through His creation. His creation reveals to me who He is. And I for one trust that He was there at creation and it is He who inspired what the scriptures say about creation and Himself.

Jacob Prasch said something along the lines that the Genesis account in the bible is not a scientific book, but rather it is doctrinally and theologically sound when understood in the context of who God is, who man is, how sin entered the world, what the repercussions of sin means to us and what He had to do to reconcile us to Him. The redemption plan is found in Genesis. Special creation to me is extremely important because God has revealed His creative nature through it.



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  1. The earth has been around for over 4 billion years…humankind has only been around for 200,000 years…I think the humans adapted to what the earth offered, not the other way around.


  2. Vee, your view here is a bit unclear (or maybe I’m stupid) because in your penultimate paragraph, you seem to be arguing for a six day creation, but then mention someone who disputes that the creation stories are scientific accounts. I read that as a rejection of a literal interpretetation of Genesis 1 in favor of viewing it as a theological statement. I share this view – the inspiration of the creation stories is found in what they tell us about God and man, not what they say about the method of creation. Could you clarify, please…


    • Jacob doesn’t dispute the literal account, he holds to it also saying that the literal account is also theological and doctrinal sound. I wish I could find on his website exactly what he said, but I do know that he doesn’t believe in the gap theory or long days or evolution but he says that the creation account is to be seen as theologically sound. I hope that makes sense, and no you are not stupid, I can see how people could read it that way. Thanks for pointing this out.


  3. Hi Vee, thanks for the clarification. I have to disagree on the literal interpretion bit. I don’t hold the creation accounts to be literally true. Genesis 1 is not a work of science or history, but theology. There are far too problems for it to be seen as literal – for example light and dark, day and night are made before the sun (but the sun is our source of light), and the moon is described as a light (but it emits no light, it only reflects the sun’s light). Genesis reflects the view of the cosmos that was prevalent at when it was written. And if you take it literally, a consequence is that you have to be a young earth creationist and view the earth as less than 10,000 years old. This contradicts huge amounts of evidence which strongly suggests that people have been around for longer (over 100,000 years) and that the earth itself is vastly older (4.5 billion years is the accepted age). I believe that science and the bible are totally compatible, so if science apparently contradicts the Bible, it means our understanding of the Bible is wrong.


    • I understand what you are saying and you know where o stand on this topic. Just one thing to think about… what about in revelation where it says that there will be no sun but God shines his light. So its not out of God’s capability to be the light In genesis. and the reason why the moon is called a light is because it is a further theological metaphor that is explained in john 1.

      I’m trying to comment using my phone so I hope this comment makes sense 🙂


      • Further, if Genesis is a work of theology and doctrine, how does the doctrine that death entered into the world by one man, that being Adam, fit into it if there was death before the fall? Doesn’t that make Romans 5:12 sound illogical?

        Rom 5:12 Wherefore as by one man sin entered into this world and by sin death: and so death passed upon all men, in whom all have sinned.


      • Also the Hebrew word used for emit/give light in this verse (‘owr) can mean both “to be or become light” and “to be illuminated or become lighted up” (Strong’s 0215). To us, the moon does give light upon the Earth. The fact that it does so by reflection rather than emission is not relevant to the biblical passage. [answers in genesis]


  4. Vee, this topic can obviously go on forever.

    Here’s an excellent article explaining why Genesis 1 shouldn’t be read literally:


    (It says it far better than I could)

    If you type “paul adam” into the search box on the biologos web site, you’ll get a lot of articles that discuss how we should interpret verses like Romans 5:12. I would strongly suggest you read as many as you have time to.


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