Anti-Christ — want to know more about him?

I have always had a lot of respect for Jacob Prasch. I have seen him preach both here in Australia and on DVD, I have his books and audio teachings. He is one man that speaks the truth and he is a far cry from tickling the ears. I am just letting you all know about a new book that he has just released which is about the anti-Christ. A lot of hard work and biblical study has gone into this book and I am looking forward to purchasing it.

The book is called “Shadows of the Beast“…

Most books on the Antichrist overly focus on a few characteristics provided in Scripture or on a single aspect of his background. This is why at varying times throughout church history, and even to this present time, there are those who assert the Antichrist must be the pope, or that he must come from Rome, or that he must be Islamic, just to name a few of the apparent paradoxes. One of the critical teachings provided inShadows of the Beast is how these elements are all pieces of the puzzle and that there is actually no contradiction in stating that they are all partially correct. The seeming contradictions have come about because authors and scholars have taken their one piece of the puzzle and tried to make it the solution to the whole puzzle instead of realizing they are only in possession of part of the solution. As Jacob states in the book, they are correct in what they are saying but incorrect in what they fail to say.

It looks to be a fascinating book and a great tool for those virgins who are keeping their oil topped up! You simply must check out the link provided as it has a lot more detail about how this book deals with the topic of the beast. As we approach times of Jacob’s trouble and as it starts to get darker this book sounds like a timely one to say the least. Again, please check out the link and see if it is something that you would be interested in. I can assure you, because of Jacob’s previous teachings, you won’t be disappointed.