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Just a quick post to let you all know that I have three posts coming up next week. One is about a very important question on how to read the bible and how to figure out what it means. Do we read it for personal interpretation or do we look at it in a more objective way?

Then there will be a post which came about because of recent comments about the those who have not heard of Jesus and how can they be saved if they have never known Him. This post doesn’t directly answer this question but explores what does biblical creation have to do with us knowing God. Six day creation has been attacked and evolution has been read into the Holy Scriptures. Is that a problem when the scriptures say that creation and nature actually point to God?

And another post is about DNA and how the scientists who have discovered it have pushed the evolutionary debate out of this world.


2 thoughts on “What’s coming up…

  1. Hi, we’ve been without internet for over a month (it’s a long story!) Did use internet cafes but some didn’t have print out facilities or time was rushing by. So looking forward to catching up on all your articles.


    • Awww… you sweet girl 😀 I am glad you are back and take, grab a coffee or tea and take your time perusing through my blog. Personally, I think that the posts done just this last week on ‘Rob Bell’ and what does a ‘just’ God mean? are probably the ones I like most.

      I wanted to explore what ‘Justice’ really is if God can allow all into heaven without the need of His son’s blood covering each and everyone. What kind of God is that — a child abuser? Is that just and merciful?

      Anyway, nice to have you back



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