Have you EVER dared to read this…

Years ago, I read a sermon that shook me to the ground. In fact it has shaken many people. Right from the very first time it was preached, and even to this day it speaks volumes to many the world over. I have a feeling that some of you know what sermon I am talking about. It’s probably one of the most famous sermons of all time (apart from the Sermon on the Mount from our Lord and Saviour).

If you want to read a sermon that will challenge you and bring you to your knees before an almighty God then you simply must go HERE and read it… if you dare!


7 thoughts on “Have you EVER dared to read this…

  1. That is a powerful message!! We forget sometimes that part of God’s character involves divine justice. This should really give us a heart for the lost! I tucked this into my favorites so I it can be shared now and again. Very timely of you to post this since we have the likes of Rob Bell speading his cushy comfy message. THIS needs to be preached more often than it is. People in their heart of hearts KNOW that this is the truth and whether or not they want to hear it.. they know (or once knew), that they must choose – they cannot stand on sinking sand!!
    Bless you for posting πŸ™‚


    • Thanks for the encouragement Lorrie. Not many people would be willing to read this sermon as it challenges us all! This sermon counteracts the social/inclusive gospel of today in EVERY way. We need to stop the ear tickling and really consider our eternal life. We must understand that God is not only Merciful — because he sent His Son — but also He is also a Just God.

      How can He be “Just” if he was to send everyone to Heaven as Rob Bell and others like him preach? If He was to allow everyone into Heaven regardless then His Son’s death was in vain and needn’t of happened at all. In fact if God allows everyman to enter into His presence with Him in Heaven, then not only was His Son’s death in vain but it makes God into a child abuser!

      Thanks for taking the time in commenting πŸ˜€


  2. Okay, I’m about to follow the link. I suspect I know what it is…let’s see if I’m right…


  3. Yup! I was right! You know, I’ve got this on my bookshelf, but I’ve not read it (shame on me…). No time like the present. Thank you for the reminder!

    (I believe this sermon had people passing out for fear upon hearing it…is that true?)


    • Yes Pearl, that is right. I have read that women were fainting and that men were hanging on to their chairs crying to Pastor Edwards… “What shall I do to be saved?” I am sure that I have read somewhere that their were people who saw Hell open up ready to swallow them up, but I can’t find it now.

      This sermon was one of many that sparked the “Great Awakening” throughout Europe. When you think about it biblically, this should not surprise us. Israel had to hear about the Law of God and punishment before they would repent and turn back to Him. Today this doesn’t happen anymore, it’s more about ear tickling, like the false prophets of Israel. History is repeating itself, don’t you think?


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