The Rob Bell interview–Let’s take a closer look

Hopefully you have all watched the youtube of Rob Bell being interviewed by Martin Bashir by now. The interview has gone viral on twitter, blogs and other internet news sites. Rob Bell didn’t do very well at answering some very basic questions that Bashir put to him. He contradicted himself throughout the whole interview.

I have just finished listening to another interview. This time is was Martin Bashir who was being interviewed about his interview with Rob Bell. Well… let me tell you this. This has to be one of the most interesting interviews I have heard in a long time.

Bashir says that he read and scrutinised Mr Bell’s book “Love Wins”, and found it historically disingenuous in very many ways. Bashir uses his journalistic skills to examine Rob Bell and his book and he wanted to find out the REAL truth regarding Mr Bell’s faith.

This interview is in NO way a personal attack of Rob Bell at all. In fact Bashir admits that Bell really does want love to win out the end.  Bashir says that there are a few possible reasons as to why Rob Bell wasn’t categorical in answering basic yes or no questions. The interview  that I am going to link to shortly lasts just a tad over thirty minutes.  I highly recommend you set those minutes aside, grab a coffee or tea, and listen to Bashir pick apart and examine this interview which has Christendom talking.


MSNBC’s Martin Bashir on The Paul Edwards Program

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