The wide gate has emerged. Big enough to fit anything in!

Christ — what does He mean to you? Is he a person who came to show us who we can be? Or is He divine, part of the Godhead who came to save and offer eternal life? Christ is slowly morphing into a christ that resembles the christ that famous practitioners of the occult would be happy to see.

Matt: 7-13 Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.

This is a youtube that explains how post-modernism has shifted the meaning of the gospel. Post-modernism has conjured up a more palatable gospel of universalism. It basically suggests that there is no more absolute truth but rather truth is subjective to the individual and relativism has become the only thing that matters in regards to ones faith and walk.

This youtube is worth watching, it has some very good, sound biblical expositors explaining what is happening and why it is happening.



4 thoughts on “The wide gate has emerged. Big enough to fit anything in!

  1. Satan comes as an angel of light to many people including Christians who seek out more than what God has revealed in his word. The Christian world needs more Ezekiel watchmen, men & women who will warn of the impending deceits by the father of lies, the malignant monster of the ages.

    Good post Vee


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