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  1. Hmmmmm…deceived or deceiver: me thinks his impish smiling and wiggling when he’s repeatedly cornered by the reporter reveals a slippery deceiver.

    Sad, isn’t it? The reporter is more discerning between biblical Christianity and Bell’s version than many born again believers.


  2. Pearl nailed Bell.
    “Impish smiling, wiggling, cornered, slippery, deceiver” are words that describe Bell perfectly.
    Why are people like this respected in any quarters – much less “Christian”?

    In Jesus Christ eternally, Jack


    • News just out…

      LifeWay Christian Stores would “not offer” the book, according to LifeWay Christian Resources Director of Communications Micah Carter. Family Christian Stores officials declined to comment, but the chain’s Web site did not feature Love Wins.

      Located within 20 miles of Bell’s church, Baker Book House ordered almost 500 copies of the book to meet the expected demand. “The proximity alone is sufficient reason to carry a couple of hundred, but now with the increased attention, we anticipate even larger sales,” Sue Smith, manager of Baker Book House, told Christian Retailing.

      Berean Christian Stores had not ordered any copies of Love Wins for its 18 locations, according to Director of Merchandising Greg Moore. “However, we have it available in our system for any of our customers that would want to place a special order,” he told Christian Retailing. “Once our management team has had a chance to read and discuss the book, we will make a decision as to whether that policy will change.”

      Parable Group Sales and Marketing Manager Randy Maricle said that Love Wins would not be promoted in any of the marketing group’s catalogs.

      found here:



      • “Good” news I guess, yet totally surprising to me since none of these chains seem to have a problem with “The Shack”. What’s with that?

        I still refuse to enter another so-called “Christian” bookstore.


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