This picture pretty much sums up the heresy of Rob Bell. Later today I will post a youtube which shows an interview with this wolf in sheeps clothing and you will see how Mr Bell endorses a more palatable gospel. So stay tuned!



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  1. I guess what I have heard is correct. While I believe the book and Rob’s theology is false I sure do believe we are called to love Rob. Among believers at least, love doesn’t win. The book may be full of false theology but as believer we are showing even poorer character.


    • As a believer we are to also discern what is biblical and our greatest commandment is to spread the salvation gospel which can only be found via Jesus the Son of God. The question is this, is this the salvation message that Rob Bell is spreading? If it’s not — and from what I have read and heard him say it’s far from it — then his message is not even Christian! He is offering another gospel of which Paul condemns. What we can do as Christians is lead people away from such false doctrine and teaching that has no biblical basis whatsoever to the name of Jesus, and what He did on the cross, from which is the only name where we can be saved and have eternal life. I don’t believe that examining another persons book or his teaching against the Word of God is acting with a poorer character but rather acting within the constraints of what the bible actually says for us to do’ we are to test ALL things. We are to examine everything against the Word of God so that we can’t be deceived. We as Christians are to pray for the real salvation of such people who have not come to the full knowledge of the cross and Christ Jesus and His salvific message. And I do not for one minute think that Rob Bell is preaching with the full knowledge of Jesus or in a biblically sound manner. He skirts around the topic of being a universalist — just like Brian McLaren. Universalism is in no way biblical if one uses scripture to interpret scripture and the whole counsel of God. Instead Rob Bell is a staunch post-modernist and is attempting to de-construct a very simple salvific gospel/message in a pluralistic and politically correct culture. In doing so, he is making it subjective and relativism rules the day, he has a more palatable gospel so not to offend.

      Rob Bell clearly uses a method of interpretation called eisegesis (from Greek εἰς “into” and ending from exegesis from ἐξηγεῖσθαι “to lead out”)which is the process of misinterpreting a text in such a way that it introduces one’s own ideas, reading into the text. This is best understood when contrasted with exegesis. While exegesis draws out the meaning from the text, eisegesis occurs when a reader reads his/her interpretation into the text. As a result, exegesis tends to be objective when employed effectively while eisegesis is regarded as highly subjective.

      In posting the truth about these wolves, I do not believe that I have acted in poorer character but in concern for the body of Christ.

      Thanks for commenting, in Christ



  2. Man oh man Vee, I can’t add anything to that! I believe that to let these heretics off the hook would be a great sin. I think the devil loves political/social/religious correctness. I appreciate you shining a light into the darkness!!


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