The nine things–are they important?

Phew… well, I am back online and have wanted to share something with you that I thought was pretty important. It’s about the rapture and questioning whether or not we have a realistic view of who will be raptured and who will not be. This post is NOT about the timing of the rapture but about basic fundamentals of Christian faith.

I came across an article a few days ago found on the Moriel website (google ‘Moriel’ and check out the site for very sound teaching from J J Prasch and others) called “Is the rapture taking as many as you think?”. Well, I really wanted to know who would be raptured according to this particular article. The article explores the latest findings on what the modern day Christian really believe and compares it to what is absolutely pivotal to believe. The writer summed up the important issues on saving faith in nine points, he calls them “The 9-point evangelical”.

You may think to yourself that just going to church and calling yourself a Christian is enough. But is it? The thing is this, the word ‘Christian’ has come to mean a different thing today. It can mean just a good person who believes that Jesus lived and was one of many good teachers who pointed out how to be kind and just. Even C S Lewis understood how the term ‘Christian’ would morph into something that would mean something quite different to our earlier brothers and sisters in Christ. In a book called ‘Mere Christianity’ he says:

that soon enough being a Christian would mean just to be a good person and not necessarily holding to biblical truths…Now if once we allow people to start spiritualising and refining, or as they might say ‘deepening’, the sense of the word Christian, it too will speedily become a useless word.

Oh boy… Lewis’ words ring so true for today don’t they? And I’m betting that those of you who have oil in your lamps and have trimmed your wick really do see how things are changing in the visible Church. And not for the better I might add.

Anyway, check out the nine things HERE and there is a follow up article called “Who will be left behind?” which I am going to read ASAP. If you beat me to it and want to comment about it, feel free to do so. Smile



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