I’m Back!

Just a quick post to let you know that I am back in Australia and that I had a great time in Malaysia.

It’s nice to be home but it is taking me a little while to settle back into normal routine. I hope to be posting very very soon, as I miss that.

I hope all is well with all of you out there who read my little blog.

Take care



8 thoughts on “I’m Back!

    • Thanks Pearl. I was already to do a post yesterday, but my kitten chewed through the internet cable. Oliver was in daycare, so I had the whole day to construct a post. Today he is home so it may have to wait for a bit.

      Stay tuned 🙂



  1. Great and thankful for the body in Christ in Australia too. May I ask how is the saving Gospel going over there? Txs for your comment on our blog Vee. 2nd question; did you bought the DvD “the Daniel project”? because I couldn’t find it online. Be blessed in Him, your bro. Henoch (=Dutch for Enoch).


    • Henoch, the church here in Australia has lost its way unfortunately. But there are a few who have recognized this and are either in a home church or are not attending the main stream churches. Where I live we have a few mega-churches and even some of the smaller churches have accepted unsound doctrine. this saddens me greatly. But it is a bitter sweet thing too. God promised that He would clean out His House before Jesus comes again, so even this is prophecy that is being fulfilled and gives me another reason to trust in His Word.

      Now, regarding ‘the Daniel Project’, I purchased that from the site with the same name. The site can be found here:


      Just check if you can play the dvd in your country before purchasing. You can contact them from the site, but I will give you the email address so you can do so if you wish:


      In Christ Jesus, awaiting His return,



  2. Welcome back Vee! Good thing you didn’t pick Japan for your holiday. A friend of ours went to Malaysia a few months ago and said the drivers are a little crazy.


    • Oh yeah… the drivers are NUTS! But it all seems to work on their roads somehow. It’s a place of irony, some beautiful colonial buildings, then right next door, homes that have been constructed out of sheets of tin with a brand new car sitting next to them. Such a strange place it was. People were very nice and welcoming which was lovely.


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