Whoah!!!! … the truth comes out!!!!

I know I said I was going on holiday soon. In fact I will be leaving on a jet plane tomorrow lunch time, but I just HAD to post this video.

This student is brainwashed just like a nazi. In fact she mentions how they are going to have a Hitler Youth day! But that part isn’t the most shocking part of this very quick video! It makes me sick to see so called educated students fall for an ideology that closely resembles Nazi Germany.

I also know that there are some of you out there who read this book who have come across antisemitism on social networks. Well, let me quickly say this. I pray that God give you all strength to stand up for the truth. Stand up against the evil religion called Islam which has infiltrated every western culture in one way or another. Stand up for those who are being persecuted in the name of Islam and that includes those who are moderate Muslims who are persecuted by the extremists but want to live in freedom.

One thing the West has to understand is that there is actually no room for democracy if one was to follow the Koran/Hadith. The two cannot coexist. Islam and freedom are not mutually exclusive. The fact that we are seeing a domino affect in the middle-east at the moment for freedom will play out, but I am betting that real freedoms will not be reached and that there will be a time of such instability in these regions that even more oppressive governments will be formed. You just have to look at who is behind these protests — The Muslim Brotherhood — to know where this is potentially heading.

Our former PM said

Mr Rudd said the Brotherhood had been closely associated with militant Islam in the past.

”The open question is what is the political and policy shape of the Muslim Brotherhood today,” he said.

”The Muslim Brotherhood’s history is troubling. We need to know what shape and what face they will put on their future behaviour in a pluralist political system.”

The current geopolitical climate is at a cross roads and is being fought on many fronts. The old adage, ‘Divide and conquer’ keeps popping into my mind at the moment. I don’t see good things ahead at all, do you?


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