A couple of things…

I just wanted to do a quick press about Dave Royle from Moriel Ministries in South Africa. His newsletter can be found at:


He has some good news and some important prayer points. One thing that he spoke about is the Daniel Project in which Jacob Prasch is a key speaker. This is nothing like the Daniel Challenge that Rick Warren is the head of.

The Daniel Project is about the prophecies found in the book of Daniel…

Ancient documents are unlocked by scholars that reveal an astounding panorama of future events that will touch the lives of every living creature on planet earth – yet they claim that only The Wise will understand and escape the coming destruction… ———————————————————————- As science continues to reveal the complexity of the world in which we live, there are those that claim we are not alone in this universe, and that compelling evidence is unfolding before our very eyes which clearly indicates that mankind is on a roller coaster to meet his destiny. This is known as the Apocalypse – the Unveiling – the Revelation… Ancient documents written by the great prophet Daniel and others, are unlocked by scholars to reveal an astounding panorama of future events that will touch the lives of every living creature on planet earth. Yet they claim that only ‘the wise’ will understand the warnings and escape the coming destruction. Jeremy Hitchen is a highly experienced ‘voice-over man’ who has worked around the world. In 2006, he was invited to record the voice-over for a festival teaser for The Daniel Project – and despite being a sceptic and avowed agnostic, he was utterly intrigued and asked to know more. In 2009, the producers invited him to present the documentary in his own words as he watched the edited footage filmed mainly in the Middle East with experts in their field. On 24th March 2010, dossier in hand, Jeremy started his journey of discovery. As the story unfolds, a shaken Jeremy realises that these facts have never been given so succinctly before – and he prepares to meet the leading protagonist James Jacob Prasch the following day to ask, “how can I be rescued?” There have been many films made on the subject of Eschatology (the study of the Last Days) and Bible Prophecy however there is nothing to touch the clear headed research and understandable approach of this film. Intelligent and bang up to date, this beautifully filmed documentary has a twist. Subtitled ‘Jeremy’s Journey’, the viewer is invited to accompany him on that trip as he searches for the truth. Once and for all. If it’s rubbish, expose it as such and be done with it. If not, then what do the warnings say – and can they be believed? A compelling theatrical doc that will leave even the hardest sceptic speechless – except to ask themselves, “am I one of The Wise’?

You can view the trailer from here: