Have you ever come across the term ‘Transhumanism’?

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I have just finished reading a very interesting and disturbing article on something called ‘Transhumanism’ Have you heard of this before? I have blogged about it many moons ago.

This article can be found on the CMI site and it brings to the table some important considerations. And yes, transhumanism is capable of incorporating every conceivable system. You have to read this article to fully understand how ‘transhumanism’ can do this. With all the hype of the “zeitgeist movement” and the “Venus project”, this transhumanism fits in very nicely, don’t you think?

Oh and check out this youtube and this site. Hmmmmm this is scary stuff. And guess what? In the article written by Calvin Smith of CMI he even discusses Aliens and how they may fit in the picture; what he is referring to is the Alien Gospel. Here is a youtube that explains that. Although, I don’t think it would be totally unreasonable to say that these so called Aliens/Demons will at some point — when disclosed — give humanity technical tricks to advance us in a way that would fit this transhumanist ideal. After all, the transhumanists goal is for mankind to become gods. That’s the greatest lie ever told as we well know.

Oh, and on a side note, have you all seen the latest on the UFO visiting the temple mount? Is this legit? I don’t know. hmmm

So anyway, here are a few quotes pulled from the CMI article…

“Transhumanism is the ultimate goal of Technocracy … a meta-movement: the idea that the works of Man’s hands can save Humanity—hence, technology and science forms the basis of a Technocratic society. Transhumanism takes this to its ultimate conclusion: The development of the post-human or neo-human.

“Based on the premise that evolution is true, Transhumanism looks to shape the human species through the direct application of science. In other words, by employing technology we can take hold of the evolutionary process and change it as we desire, thus becoming the masters of our future. To this end, advocates of Transhumanism ascribe to a multitude of possible options.”

How will this utopia come about specifically? Christian apologist Carl Teichrib (a Canadian-based researcher and writer on globalization) explains;

“1. DNA: Now that we are unlocking the secrets of DNA, we can alter our genetic makeup to augment desirable traits and block negative characteristics. It’s hoped such a move will bring longevity and eradicate diseases. Other possible outcomes include the production of designer babies in the womb, and even introducing DNA from other species into the human code; thus building a ‘Human Plus’ equipped with advanced physical and cognitive traits. Such a trans-human/hybrid would be ‘transgenic’—literally a human GMO (Genetically Modified Organism).

“2. Computer Interfacing and AI: As the secrets of the brain are discovered, it is anticipated that a time will arrive when the mind is efficiently interfaced with cyber-space. It is believed that in such a scenario the brain, once ‘plugged-in,’ could allow the mind to surf the network, download and upload from the web, receive memory upgrades, and converge with a global mind-to-machine-to mind community—forming a type of cyber-hive. Or, according to some cybernetic purists, to allow one’s consciousness to completely leave the bounds of flesh and enter cyber-space as an electronic entity. After all the brain, it’s argued, is an electrochemical organ. This mind uploading, it’s believed, could culminate in what the Catholic mystic, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin called the noosphere: the emergence of a living, global consciousness. The web would thus ‘come alive’.” [source]


Transhumansm; Post-Human and Trans-Human

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8 thoughts on “Have you ever come across the term ‘Transhumanism’?

  1. I’ll come back to read the rest of your article, but having grown up some small distance from the Roswell bull butter (which allegedly transpired when I was about 7 years of age) I just have to comment on this from the Fox Israel piece:
    “A glowing orb filmed hovering over the skyline of Jerusalem has left UFO experts dumbfounded.”

    I can only say … as compared to just plain dumb.


  2. have you ever heard of the author Gary Bates? He is afffilliated with answers in genisis. He has written a book called ‘alien intrusion’ i have heard him speak and his take on the whole alien thing is one that i agree with.

    They are demonic deceivers. I’m replying to this from my phone so sorry for any typos 🙂


  3. Yep, it all fits in quite nicely doesn’t it. Creepy. I too will have to come back to this so I can get a better grasp! Great post 🙂


  4. I remember going to a Walter Martin crusade back in the 80’s and he described them as demonic. He totally believed there were real sightings, and that they were demons. He did much research on the subject, and had some very valid points. Sure wish he was still around. On the transhumanism subject, John McTernan’s Insights blog has many posts about the subject. He has been researching this for some time, and has some interesting ideas about it. I can see how all of these ideas are going to fall into place for the coming one world government, and the antichrist.


  5. A few weeks ago, I caught a snippet of a NOVA program re developing spider silk on a mass scale, as the material is amazingly strong. There is actually a beautifully woven cloth in some museum somewhere woven strictly from spiders’ web. They said it took a million spiders to get that much silk. Obviously, not very cost effective. The solution? The gene responsible for producing the web is being introduced into the DNA of…(wait for it…)… sheep.

    That they are entertaining ideas as to how to improve the human race doesn’t surprise me. They are going to need guinea pigs, are they not? Frozen embryos will, no doubt, come in handy here. I wonder if it will stop there. The possibilities are frightening.

    And what about the soul? The nephillim were outside of the plan of redemption, and yet were part human. The spirit behind this is none other than the father of lies.


  6. Both Dawn and Pearl have made excellent points, as always :). I will have to google “John McTernan” and see his blog/site. Thanks for the heads up.

    Imagine the fleece that these spider/sheep would produce! The thing is this. Technology is accelerating at such a fast pace that moral and ethics can’t keep up. I think those who are not blind see exactly where this is heading but there are many out there who haven’t a clue.


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