The cyclone about to hit QLD Australia

If you haven’t heard about it, you will soon. This cyclone is about to hit QLD Australia within the next four hours or so. It’s massive! Please pray for the safety of those who live there. I really hope that people are prepared and that no deaths occur. QLD has had a lot of things happen over the last month. Major flooding which is working its way down the country and now this! Just look at the size of this. They reckon it has around 300 kms strong winds.

Please pray!


2 thoughts on “The cyclone about to hit QLD Australia

  1. Daylight has broken in north Queensland, revealing a landscape torn up by the roaring winds of Cyclone Yasi but no reports of any deaths of serious injuries as yet.

    Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology at 7am EST (10am NZT) downgraded Yasi to a category 2 cyclone but said it remained “destructive”, with wind gusts of more than 125km/h and heavy rain.

    Queensland Premier Anna Bligh said Cairns had been spared the worst of the monster storm, with the smaller communities of Mission Beach, Tully, Tully Heads, and Cardwell bearing Yasi’s full force.

    “At this stage there are no reports of any serious injuries or fatalities and that’s a great relief to me this morning,” she told the Nine Network.

    “The early news is not anything like I expected to hear this morning from a category five cyclone, I do stress in many cases we are yet to see any assessments,” she said.


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