It’s all about love! Isn’t it?

I wanted to share with you something that is crucial in our understanding of the whole “God is love” thing. We have heard people say that “God is love” in so many ways. Some ways are said in a defensive way. For example when someone has been pulled up on a lifestyle that isn’t altogether biblical and the one saying “God is love” is feeling judged. But what does it really mean “God is love”?

Here’s a good answer…

Taking phrases and verses out of context always leads to misunderstanding. For instance, taking the phrase “God is love” (1 John 4:7-16) out of its context, we might come away thinking that our God loves everything and everyone at all times with a gushing, romantic love. But in its literal and grammatical context, “love” here refers to agape love, the essence of which is sacrifice for the benefit of another, not a sentimental, romantic love.

Furthermore, considering the phrase “God is love” in the context of all of Scripture (synthesis) will keep us from coming to the false, and all-too-common, conclusion that God is only love or that His love is greater than all His other attributes, which is simply not the case. We know from many other passages that God is also holy and righteous, faithful and trustworthy, graceful and merciful, kind and compassionate, omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient, and many, many other things. We also know from other passages that God not only loves, but He also hates.


3 thoughts on “It’s all about love! Isn’t it?

  1. Amazing timing, Vee. Just this past Sunday my family and I listened to a powerful sermon by our preacher ( 😉 ), Vernon McGee, entitled “The Dark Side of Love”.

    He’s got a booklet of the same title, very short (8 pages), but it reminded to be thankful even in the lonely, dark valleys. In fact, it’s when I finally emerge from unwelcome places that I see and feel the warmth of His face shining upon me all the more brightly.


    • How wonderful God is! I know exactly what you mean about coming from a very dark valley and knowing that God was with you the whole time. Thanks for the link will check it out ASAP 🙂


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