A Critical Opinion of the Zeitgeist Movement « Witness to the Grace of God

A Critical Opinion of the Zeitgeist Movement « Witness to the Grace of God.

The Zeitgeist Movement proposes to replace the current socio-economic system globally with a new one.  The proposed changes are radical, ambitious and will profoundly change our way of life by redesigning society and redefining the role of human beings within it.  We are seemingly at a critical point in human history and nothing makes this clearer than the rise of this movement. The propositions and philosophies espoused by the movement have sparked debate and controversy amongst certain groups—namely Christians and free-market economists.  This work will examine the issues affecting these two groups.

The above is something that I want to look into further. I have also found a lengthy book about the Zeitgeist Movement which I have just posted and included in the dropdown menu section of this blog under the Philosophy and Religion/Postmodern/Zeitgeist Movement tabs. This is going to be a move that will gain ground as society thinks in more postmodern/liberal/freethinking ideas. I have come across this a number of times on facebook with some quite learned people and others who take this idea of comparative religion/mythology to the extreme therefore never able to find the Truth that is found in God’s Word alone.

The above link has a few youtubes that you can watch. I haven’t had time to go further into this particular blog, so this post is pretty much for me and for others who have come against the zeitgeist movement that is burgeoning and not going away.

If you have any other links that you feel are worth scrutiny, PLEASE let me know. It’s a complicated issue but I have found another link that picks apart the Zeitgeist movie.

Again… if you have any other links to want to share with me please do. If you want to remain private you can contact me on livingajourney@gmail.com




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  1. Please, Please go to the first link provided in the quote box. It’s well worth the read. I will quote just a few things…

    Due to the massive scope of the propositions presented by the Zeitgeist Movement, it’s obvious that within our current global framework, it simply will not be possible to implement. I’m inclined to think that something “big” or earth-shattering would have to occur in order to disrupt the current status quo. While I do not know what that “something” is, nevertheless something must occur in order to get people to want to participate in such a radically different system.


    This level of control over society would be perfect for an anti-Christ type figure to preside over using technology to subjugate human beings. It’s interesting to note that in the end, no matter what conflicts we see brewing and capturing headlines today; the Christians are the main target in the end. So whatever ramping up or maneuvers that are being made in both the earthly and spiritual realms, rest assured that all of these efforts will culminate in the persecution of Christians and an epic battle between Satan (and all those that follow him) and Jesus Christ at his second coming. A battle which Jesus Christ is declared victor!


    A considerable amount of energy is expended in discounting the biblical account of Jesus Christ and reducing him to a mythological character. Upon reviewing these efforts, I continuously thought, why Jesus? I finally came to the conclusion that Jesus and true followers of him pose some sort of threat to their plans for the future. At the most basic level Christianity is based on belief in Jesus while the Zeitgeist Movement proposes that belief in one’s own self is all that is needed.


    Some of the major players involved in and around the Zeitgeist Movement are listed as follows.

    Peter Joseph – writer, director of Zeitgeist: The Movie
    Jordan Maxwell – lecturer
    Acharya S. – New Age author and researcher
    Michael Tsarion – lecturer, New Age author and researcher
    Alice Bailey – founder of Lucis Trust; closely affiliated with the United Nations
    Madame Helena Blavatsky – founder of Theosophy
    Benjamin Creme – lead speaker on Maitreya and chairman of Share International
    Jacque Fresco – author and founder of The Venus Project


  2. Please be aware that the first Zeitgeist Film is not related to the zeitgeist movement. The movement came out after the second zeitgeist film. For all we know peter could create a movie about unicorns tomorrow, and it doesn’t necessarily have to support the zeitgeist movement.

    Peter Joseph has also created another movie, (this one supports the movement) called Zeitgeist moving forward.

    Please don’t relate The Zeigeist Movement to atheism, anti-christs or such, the zeitgeist movement isn’t against spiritual beliefs, but against religious fanaticism.


    • Clearly the Zeitgeist movement and movie one and two would attack biblical orthodox Christianity. It amazes me how much the Roman Catholic Church from it’s early history has Christianised pagan holidays. Jesus was NOT born on Dec 2th, so Horus who was so called born on that date is a red herring, even Dorthy Murdock struggles with this as she says that Horus was born on the winter solstice which represents three or four days in Dec.

      These so called goddesses who are supposedly perpetual virgins have no relation to Mary (real name Miriam in Hebrew who does not resemble the Mary that Catholics dream up!) who had children after Jesus… the perpetual virgin teaching is NOT even biblical. Again the Catholic Church incorporated myth into their traditions. That Church has a lot to answer for in my opinion.

      Also Peter Joseph who is speaking to Dorthy D.M. Murdock who is considered authoritative in this area and she has helped with this movie, her sources are not verified at all. In fact she quotes people like Plutarch who was discredited as he was really good at fabricating stories to draw parallels in comparative religion, exactly what she is doing. She also quotes T. N. D. Mettinger as her source who states…

      “From the 1930s. . . a consensus has developed to the effect that the ‘dying and rising gods’ died but did not return or rise to live again. . . Those who still think differently are looked upon as residual members of an almost extinct species” (Tryggve N. D. Mettinger, The Riddle of Resurrection: “Dying and Rising Gods” in the Ancient Near East [Stockholm, Sweden: Almquist & Wiksell International, 2001], pp. 4, 7).

      Uh oh! she’s almost extinct!

      I highly doubt that you have watched the videos I have posted and it is very clear to me that the zeitgeist movie, movement, “moving forward” crowd want to move forward into a gnostic/mystic/humanitarian/socialist system that appears to be an all inclusive excepting that the Biblical Christ is the only way to eternal salvation from sin. So you are not against spiritual beliefs, I grant you that as you would see very view point as being valid…. except the view that Jesus Christ in the ONLY way to salvation and from the pits of hell!


        • The dying and rising gods were closely related to the seasonal cycle. Their death and return were seen as reflected in the changes of plant life. The death and resurrection of Jesus is a one-time event, not repeated, and unrelated to seasonal changes. . . . There is, as far as I am aware, no prima facie evidence that the death and resurrection of Jesus is a mythological construct, drawing on the myths and rites of the dying and rising gods of the surrounding world. While studied with profit against the background of Jewish resurrection belief, the faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus retains its unique character in the history of religions. The riddle remains (Ibid., p. 221).

          Notice Mettinger’s comment that the belief in Jesus’ resurrection may be profitably studied against the background of Jewish resurrection beliefs (not pagan mythology). Here we see that shift in New Testament studies I flagged above as the Jewish reclamation of Jesus. The spuriousness of the alleged parallels is just one indication that pagan mythology is the wrong interpretive framework for understanding the disciples’ belief in Jesus’ resurrection.

          Second, the History of Religions school collapsed as an explanation of the origin of Christian beliefs about Jesus because there was no causal connection between pagan myths and the origin of Christian beliefs about Jesus. Take, for example, the resurrection. Jews were familiar with the seasonal deities mentioned above (Ez 37.1-14) and found them abhorrent. Therefore, there is no trace of cults of dying and rising gods in first century Palestine. For Jews, the resurrection to glory and immortality would not take place until the general resurrection of all the dead at the end of the world. It boggles the imagination to think that the original disciples would have suddenly and sincerely come to believe that Jesus of Nazareth was risen from the dead just because they had heard of pagan myths about dying and rising seasonal gods.


      • Please be aware that we tend not to be especially critical when presented with evidence that seems to confirm our prejudices.

        Repeating what i said before, The Zeitgeist Movie was a work of art by PJ that has no relationship whatsoever to the zeitgeist movement. The zeitgeist movement is only concerned with paving the way for the consideration of a Resource Based Economy.

        Regarding agnosticism, i’d say that TZM supports it simply because it’s the most open view about religion, following the example of science. And as far as i know god hasn’t been scientifically validated or invalidated yet, so it would be wrong to push for atheism or theism when no conclusion can be made.

        Absence of evidence is obviously not evidence of absence.

        The only reason i dislike christianity myself is because of ideas like these “except the view that Jesus Christ in the ONLY way to salvation and from the pits of hell!”, sounds like bold effort to appeal to other christians, and follows the “logic” of most man-made religion to me, but that’s my opinion. In fact, i remain agnostic until compelling evidence is available.


        • Christ is the only way to salvation and is the Truth and no-one can get to heaven without being born again, that is what biblical Christianity is all about, you have understood it well. That view is NOT valid in this new all inclusive postmodern interfaith movement which have so called open and have enlightened minds within.

          I on the other hand, am able to admit that I am narrow minded and that the path I walk on is indeed narrow and straight. I am not hypocritical in saying that! I freely admit it. I have been freed of my sin and my natural thinking. Yet in that freedom I am bound to what the Word of God says, I am a slave to Christ. I rejoice in my slave hood because I am truly free from the penalty of sin from which I deserve an eternity in hell. Nothing or no-one but God can deal with the problem of sin.

          I gladly and joyfully say that I am a bondservant to a Merciful God who gave up His Son to death on the cross (not in cruciform) so that I could live!


  3. What a wealth of wonderful information Vee. I will be digging deep into all the links you’ve provided. This is such an important issue. This is a weird analogy but… my mind’s eye gives me a vision of a sink full of dirty dish water. After the plug is pulled out things slowly start to swirl and the pieces of garbage get closer and closer together and move faster and faster towards the dark hole at the bottom.

    Rev. 18 talks about Mystery Babylon. It is shocking how well the Zeitgeist movement fits the bill. Granted, I have not watched and read all the information you have provided yet, but I will and I have read previously about it.

    Things are happening fast. Thank you so much for rightly dividing the truth and for all your wonderful investigative efforts. It makes a difference! I will be back 🙂


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