Ekstasis Worship

Have you heard of it? Have you seen it in your Church? If so, you really should be concerned as this is not Christian worship at all! I have long seen how extra-biblical teaching and worship has been creeping into the Church. I have been blogging about it for years.

Ekstatsis worship is a way of moving oneself into a trance like ecstasy…

Many people have asked me questions about Ekstasis Worship. In this article, I will share what it means and how to move into this new level of worship in your own life.

The word ekstasis is a Greek word; in our English, we would say ecstasy.

Ekstasis – Greek word for:

• trance
• moving beyond oneself
• finding freedom from the perceived constraint of time and space
• being in a state of amazement
• being astonished by
• being of one mind, beside one’s self – insane
• throwing of the mind out of a normal state [source]

Does that sound like Christianity to you. Does that sound biblical?

Here’s a video that explains it a bit more…


6 thoughts on “Ekstasis Worship

  1. Man, this was disturbing to watch.

    I’ll stay home and continue to listen to good, ol’ Vernon McGee.


    • How sad that these followers think that they are worshiping the Living God. The Church has failed to teach sound doctrine and these followers are ignorant. My prayer is that they are confronted by the Holy Spirit to learn the truth. If they have a teachable spirit, this can happen. There are quite a few stories of people who started out this way, and then as time goes on, they realised the emptiness and searched out God and found out the truth!


  2. Hi Vee, this is old news. The video you included above is dated Feb 2010, and the video from Patricia King that it includes can also be found on YouTube dated Jan 2008 – three years ago! I agree it’s heresy produced by heretics, but is it really worth wasting your time drawing attention to something that few have heard of and even fewer will ever encounter? I’d leave it alone and let it fade into obscurity. There is actually a theory amongst academics that all ecstatic religious movements eventually die out as people become used to them and they cease to be exciting any more. (Incidentally that explains why there is always the need for the “next big thing” in pentecostalism, which brings in false teaching).


    • You make some very good points Peter. This was the first time I had heard of Ekstasis worship, so I just put it out there so that if there is anyone who is in a church and this is a new catch phrase, it may help them to understand how unbiblical this is. Regarding this kind of worship, I personally know of churches around me who still do this and try to push for this. They are always looking for the next big fad to come through the church. This saddens me greatly. I try not to give too much attention to this kind of thing, but when I see it here in Australia I just like to warn others.

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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