Unequally yoked with the Church of Rome…

I read something on the web about a coming summit at Assisi. You may already know about it, but because I have been without a laptop for some weeks I didn’t have time to investigate it further. Luckily eChurch has done my home work for me.

Check out what is going to happen at this meeting HERE.

Obviously with the increase of persecution happening between religions there will be a call for peace within religions. I can’t blame them, but this is not the way to real peace.

In fact the only real peace will be when Jesus returns and reigns from Jerusalem. Inward peace can only be found by being born again and by becoming a disciple of Jesus. Our sword is NOT one that harms the body, but cuts through spiritually with the Truth that Jesus is the ONLY way to salvation that establishes a real relationship with God. Much more could be said about this, but I know that the few of you that read my blog have your eyes wide open and see very clearly what season we are living in.

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14 thoughts on “Unequally yoked with the Church of Rome…

  1. Vee,

    I’m no fan of the Pope etc, but let me ask you this: what relevance has the phrase “unequally yoked” got to do with this story? The metaphor comes from ploughing a field and implies commitment and the need to walk in step. I suspect many people who attend this meeting will have no commitment whatsoever to the Roman Catholic church, so your wording is completely irrelevant.

    If there was unrest between different communities in your town, and the council invited the various leaders together, would you say “unequally yoked to a secular government”? I very much doubt it! So why adopt a different approach when things are done at a global level?

    Your title came across to me as an unwarranted bash at the catholics. I don’t think this is a Christian attitude to have.


  2. fair enough. But i don’t consider the Catholic Church to be all together christian to be honest with you. They pray to the dead for one, they worship the eucharist as if that wafer is actually the body of Christ. Just to name a few things.

    Talk to someone who has been save out of that Church and they will tell you of the idolatry within in it. then there is the whole Vatican 2 interfaith/ecumenical push. Also you have the last pope who has kissed the koran, not to mention the whole evangelical and Catholic together thing. I don’t think that my title is completely unwarranted when Catholic’s are thinking that such unbiblical traditions are going to save them when it is grace alone that will.

    Being unchristian would be to not tell the truth about a Church that is steeped in mans traditions while they think that they are saved by practicing them.

    But hey… you are entitled to have your own opinion.


  3. My pastor was raised in the RCC and he has often confirmed what you are saying Vee. I’m glad if the Pope can influence against violence but I just hope that the end justifies the means. The ecumenical/interfaith movement wants all religions to hold hands and be all kumbaya-ish. I think folks should be able to act in a civil manner no matter their religion but not if it means sacrificing the truth of Jesus being the only Way, Truth and Life! Oh the devil would LOVE that….


  4. Yep, i agree Lorrie. I just see that as persecution becomes more prevelant then the interfaith/ecumenical movement will gain momentum.

    That is when the truth will take the back seat. That is how the unequally yoked will happen. The Church of rome is wanting desperately to head this system, vatican 2 speak of this.

    Goodness, it has even said that space aliens should be considered our space brothers and they would be willing to baptise them into the Catholic Church. I guess they have to cover all their bases.

    But one thing for sure, those who know about the idolatry and those who have been set free of unbiblical teachings will not sit under this interfaith/ecumenical umbrella on unity at the cost of grace.


  5. oh and i don’t think i would want to walk in step with a Church that had a pope who kisses the koran which speaks against the triune God and speaks of jews as pig who should be hunter down and killed along with the Christians … it also says that Christians are those who should never be trusted.


  6. just to let you all know that i’m replying with my phone, so i apologise for the obvious spelling errors and missed or added words. i struggle with sering all that i have written on this small screen 🙂


  7. And it is precisely this stance of yours that will get you branded as an intolerant, unloving, and uncooperative useless eater and citizen of this world. Of course, I agree with you completely. Bring on the guillotines!


  8. Vee,

    I have no problem with you pointing out the errors in the RCC’s doctrines or practices (provided you don’t make the mistake of assuming that all catholics worldwide believe everything that the vatican says). I agree that Christian love requires this.

    My issue was simply with you suggesting something that is factually incorrect, which is what the “unequally yoked” wording does and yes it is unwarranted. Attending a peace summit called by a world religious leader does not make you yoked to his organisation. Is it any different to visiting a friend’s house? Let me say it again, yoking involves commitment and it is wrong to use the term where there is no commitment.

    As Christmas has just passed, let me tell you that one year I went to an inter-church carol service in my town. It was organised by a number of local churches, including the catholics. Did that make me unequally yoked to Rome? Of course not, and the sermon was given by an evangelical minister and all present heard a powerful proclamation of the gospel. The catholics present wouldn’t have heard this had the protestants been unwilling to engage in an ecumenical activity.


    • Just one thing. The head of the Catholic Church at some point has;

      kissed the koran,
      received the Shiva (a third eye) from a hindu princess,
      set up a rat route to help the Nazis escape,
      protects pedophiles so they can go on to abuse other children…

      …all this from a the head of a Church who is suppose to have Papal infallibility! Then saying to me that the title of my post doesn’t have reflect a Christian attitude because I have bashed Catholics, isn’t that a bit of a stretch?


  9. And just in case some of you don’t know… according to the Catholic news the date set for this summit is to mark the 25th Anniversary of John Paul II’s 1986 pan-relgious gathering. Hindus have already agreed to participate.

    The statement from the Pope…

    Speaking in St Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican, Pope Benedict said the aim of the [upcoming October] summit would be to “to solemnly renew the effort of those with faith of all religions to live their faith as a service for the cause of peace”…. He said the summit would also “honour the memory of the historical event promoted by my predecessor”. (Jan. 1, 2011)

    Now read that carefully. To renew the effort of those with faith of all religions to live their faith as a service for the cause of peace.

    In 1986 the pan-relgious gathering, comprised of Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox, Jews, Moslems, Animists, Hindus, Zoroastrians, Witch Doctors and various others gathering at the same place to pray for peace. What happened was the Catholics prayed along members of false and heathen religions praying to their false gods.

    This summit is honour of this pan-religious gathering.

    Even Catholics are struggling with this see here:


    Fr. Thomas Ryan, CSP writes about this summit…

    Today, churches are claiming it as part of their mission to work in an interfaith context. Why? Many reasons could be given, but let these three at least be mentioned here.

    First, we all are God’s children, and God loves and desires to save us all.

    Second, for community well-being. We are all affected by similar if not the same problems. The interfaith context can help us bring a wider range of resources to answering the challenges we commonly face. The postmodern world is interconnected, but we can’t claim our solidarity with all humankind unless we do operate in an inclusive context. We need to create environments in which everyone can benefit and flourish, in which no one will be left behind. We can only do that if we know how to work together respectfully in the face of disagreement and conflict.

    Third, we need the interfaith context for the sake of truth. The interfaith encounter is an occasion that helps us discover ourselves more fully. Even our core faith doctrines—such as the Trinity, the two natures in the one person of Christ—surpass our ability to understand them fully. The whole Christian apophatic (“beyond the image”) tradition of prayer teaches that divine Presence may be experienced by heart-stirrings, but never fully comprehended through images or concepts contrived by the head.

    The author of a fourteenth-century classic on contemplative prayer, The Cloud of Unknowing, described how we prefer the safe harbor of clearly defined categories to the unchartable deep of the unspeakable—the unthinkable—and this usually sends us scurrying for the life jackets of conventional words and images. In the encounter with people of other faiths, we become aware of the depth and the mystery of God. If we can open ourselves up to the encounter, we may find ourselves touched by an experience of the Holy shaping and reforming our lives.


  10. Great follow up information. It is so vital today that we are able to rightly divide and present the truth in love. Keep up the good work!


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