Christian persecution is spreading around the globe!

I remember reading a few days ago about Christian persecution and how it has increased, not only in the middle-east but around the globe. Even in my country, Australia! I couldn’t blog about it at the time because of my laptop was broken. But I really did want too blog about it at some point… so here is what the ABC said about this particular situation in Australia…

Coptic Christians in Australia are in a state of grief and fear after several congregation members lost relatives in a New Year suicide bomb attack on an Egyptian church.

There have been threats against Coptic churches in Sydney, and Christmas celebrations that were due to take place on January 7 have been cancelled in the wake of the deadly New Year’s Eve blast in Alexandria. [source]


8 thoughts on “Christian persecution is spreading around the globe!

  1. And there has been threats against the Copts in Canada and across Europe including the UK. The threats are for their Christmas which is on the 7th Jan, so pray for them. It was the same threats that led to the <a href=""Egyptian Christmas bombing, so these are not idle threats.

    The Egyptian Copts are one of the oldest Christian groups in the world.


      • This is the real tragedy isn’t it, which most folk in the West don’t quite get and that’s the fact that North Africa and the Middle East is where Christianity flourished first. They have more Christian heritage and history and are more ancient believers than we.

        If the Islamic extremists have their way with their campaign of ‘religious cleansing’, then for the first time in 2000 years they will have no Christian presence and be totally Islamic. I can’t help but shudder at that thought.


    • I have just done a post linking to that story. I can understand why the Pope is calling for this, but I see that it may open the doors for unified religion. That’s a concern for me. What do you think?


      • Oh hang on… I linked to the other post that you did about the Pope calling for unification at the Summit at Asissi.

        Thanks for giving me the other link 🙂


        • Vee, you know what the real problem is with gathering world religious leaders together to negotiate peace and end violence, is that Islam is so fragmented and dis-unified that it’s rather like talking to a many headed beast, which is near to impossible.

          So whilst I do applaud the Pope’s efforts, I personally don’t hold out a great deal of hope frankly.


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