Just a shout out…

Just found out about some podcasts by William Lane Craig. And yes, I found out via facebook. I thought I would share what one blogger says about Craig…

I appreciate Dr. Craig’s transparence and passion for the gospel.  When you listen to the Defender’s Podcast (his Sunday school lessons) he will range from quantum mechanics and abstract objects to middle knowledge and tie it back to an application.  It’s more than lofty philosophical thought that suffices for comfortable theodicies.  He addresses the honest questions of meaning, value, and purpose, questions that we all face and will question at some point.  His work on the absurdity of life without God has allowed me to make sense of personal and existential questions of mine. [source]

Here is where you can find the podcasts.

Also, another shout out to Saffron Planet for getting back round the table with chatter that matters. I love this group of people.

So, if you find yourself wanting to sit back and listen to some informative teaching from Craig or feel part of fellow brothers and sisters in Christ check out these links.


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