Has Wikileaks been shut down? I can’t access it!

There is a delicious irony in the fact that it is now the so-called liberal democracies that are clamouring to shut WikiLeaks down.

One thing that might explain the official hysteria about the revelations is the way they expose how political elites in western democracies have been deceiving their electorates.

Consider, for instance, how the views of the US administration have changed in just a year. On 21 January, secretary of state Hillary Clinton made a landmark speech about internet freedom, in Washington DC, which many people welcomed and most interpreted as a rebuke to China for its alleged cyberattack on Google. “Information has never been so free,” declared Clinton. “Even in authoritarian countries, information networks are helping people discover new facts and making governments more accountable.”

The political elites of western democracies have discovered that the internet can be a thorn not just in the side of authoritarian regimes, but in their sides too. It has been comical watching them and their agencies stomp about the net like maddened, half-blind giants trying to whack a mole. It has been deeply worrying to watch terrified internet companies – with the exception of Twitter, so far – bending to their will.

But politicians now face an agonising dilemma. The old, mole-whacking approach won’t work. WikiLeaks does not depend only on web technology. Thousands of copies of those secret cables – and probably of much else besides – are out there, distributed by peer-to-peer technologies like BitTorrent. Our rulers have a choice to make: either they learn to live in a WikiLeakable world, with all that implies in terms of their future behaviour; or they shut down the internet. Over to them. [source]

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5 thoughts on “Has Wikileaks been shut down? I can’t access it!

  1. A very optimistic view here. At first, I thought I was reading your words. And when I got to this part: “Our rulers have a choice to make: either they learn to live in a Wikileakable world, with all that implies in terms of their future behaviour; or they shut down the internet.” I concluded that you must have fallen and hit your head! Of course they’ll shut down the internet!! “Learn to live in a wikileakable world…”. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!


    • hahaha… I forgot to quote it, my bad! I tried to access wikileaks because I read on another site that there were UFO leaks that had been published last weekend. I couldn’t access it, so I googled if it was down or not and then I found the above article on it.

      Interesting how Hillary Clinton brags about internet freedom, yet this is happening. And I do love the irony that the so called liberal governments who brag about democracy are the very ones that are trying to stop this freedom.

      I will have to try wikileaks again today. It’s too early for me to think about this right now. We had a baby in the house screaming in the night because he wouldn’t take his bottle or dummy and wouldn’t go back to sleep. Since he’s been sick his sleeping pattern hasn’t been the best. Mind you it could be his two top eye teeth which appear to be coming through.

      If you have time, just pray that his sleeping patterns return to normal, or at least he settle himself with his bottle rather than screaming in temper because he wants to get up and get in his mum’s bed.




      • Poor, sleep-deprived things. That’s tough. Will pray for ya’ll.

        Apart from my earlier comment, I did think it was a very good article and agreed with it otherwise. I heard today that PayPal and Visa (? I think) pulled out & stopped payments to Wikileaks. I wonder how many will stand firm in their support of him vs. those who shrink back?


  2. It should be of issue to you that the New York Times is at war with Christianity, while they bend over backwards to appease every non-Christian entity on earth:



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