An encounter of a different kind…

The Ark Encounter has encountered praise from those who are 6 day creationists! But it has also encountered a lot of ridicule, not too unlike the ridicule that Noah probably received in his day. I mean, obviously those who witnessed what Noah was saying and doing at the time didn’t believe him and probably thought he was a nut job. Not unlike those who scoff and mock at creationists today.

I have just read some of the comments attached to the following video and have seen that the people who scoff and scorn at this are totally ignorant about the flood and the Ark. Here are some comments that I will share with you…

Won’t it then become pretty obvious to the audience that all the species on earth couldn’t have possibly fit into an arc of that size? I think someone had calculated that there wouldn’t even be enough room for the elephants and all the food they’d require.

Answer to that is HERE.

How many people will be responsible for the live animals on the ark? I seriously doubt it will be as few as the 8 that the Bible says that it is. How many people will it take to build the ark?

Answer to that question is found HERE.

nice project… 25 million dollars, dozens of workers, about 3 years… and Noah did it in a few weeks… and people still believe this c***???


So they need an insane amount of money and hundred of people to build something that according to their books was created by an old man in a couple of days?


Answer to that question HERE.

Bizarre. Are they going to have Dinosaur rides too? Because you know according to AIG, man and dinosaurs coexisted. What a joke

Answer to that HERE.

Anyway, here is part one of the press release about the ‘Ark Encounter’…

Oh and here is some more ridicule from around the web!

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2 thoughts on “An encounter of a different kind…

  1. Poor poor people just can’t seem to accept reality. AiG is a fraud and all the information they send out is retarded.
    Noah’s flood was disproven in the 1700’s. Even the backwards Catholic Church accepts this


    • Well, you know that I am one of those poor, poor people that you talk about. And I do know that there are a lot smarter people than me that would pull me over the coals on this topic. But I also know that there are lot smarter people than me that are scientists who do not write retarded articles but happen to believe in six day creation. One of them being Dr Jonathan Sarfati who has not written retarded articles; he is also affiliated with AiG.

      I would say to you — in the nicest possible way (and I do mean that) — poor, poor people who can’t accept what is clearly written in the bible as God’s way of creating everything.

      I for one am not going to question the plain reading of Genesis. Even Hebrew scholars say that Genesis should be read literally regarding the days of creation!

      Job 38:4 Where were you when I founded the earth? Declare if you know understanding.

      I don’t understand, I am fallible and I just trust that God knows what He did and how long it took and Moses under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit wrote it down in the clearest way possible (And there was evening, and there was morning) . But hey, if that makes me a poor, poor person who believes in retarded written material, the so be it 🙂 I don’t really care.


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