Is there a link?

My last post was about “Geo-engineering and Chemtrails” which really started my on an investigation about the environment. I have watched three of the videos that I provided a link to in my last post, and in one of the videos a former Senator who owns property has said that there was an amazing amount of trees that were dying. This brought my mind to one of my trees that has died in the last two years. I put it down to a severe heat wave that we had in 2009. But this got me thinking, I wonder if I google “Trees dying in australia aluminium” what I would come up with.

Well, what was the first thing I found?

Check this out…

Kidney disease killing koalas

An already rare population of koalas in South Australia is dying from a mysterious renal disease, which has been linked to aluminium deposits in kidneys.
Research funded by the Australian Koala Foundation has been probing the cause of the disease which causes animals to venture into domestic gardens and drink out of swimming pools or pet bowls.

The aluminium is thought to be coming from the gum leaves that make up the staple diet of koalas. Analysis of gum leaves from the Adelaide Hills area has revealed high levels of aluminium and silicon. [source]



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