Geo-engineering and Chemtrails…

What will the future look like?

A little like this…

gas masks

Some of the geo-engineering schemes proposed include:
— Ocean fertilization. Large areas are sprinkled with iron or other nutrients to artificially spur growth of phytoplankton, which soak up carbon dioxide. But this could trigger harmful algal blooms, soak up nutrients and kill fish and other animals.
— Spray seawater into the atmosphere to increase the reflectivity and condensation of clouds so they bounce more sunlight back into space.
— Placing trillions of tiny solar reflectors out in space to cut the amount of sunlight reaching the Earth.
— Artificial volcanoes. Tiny sulfate particles or other materials are released into the stratosphere to reflect sunlight, simulating the effect of a major volcanic eruption.
— Carbon capture and storage. Supported by a number of governments and involves capturing CO2 from power stations, refineries and natural gas wells and pumping it deep underground. [source]

Have you ever looked up to the sky and seen strange long white clouds that were put there from a plane? Have these clouds stayed in the air from much longer that you thought possible?

I have seen this twice and it was unusual to say the least. My first thought was that these maybe “Chemtrails” but my husband thinks I’m a bit off with this one. My kids point to contrails and say… look mum, the government’s out to get you again. But something in the back of my mind says, things are not right. The skies are changing.

The top quote is from Reuters and it is on the United Nations discussion on a thing called “Geo-engineering”. It lays out some ways that world governments are using to help fight climate change.  Just look at the list again and tell me that this is NOT harmful to us. Do you honestly think that spraying 10 to 20 megatons of aluminium won’t affect us or this earth adversely?

Watch this video and find out what is really going on in our skies. This video is a series which has been made into a film. I don’t think that I am crazy at all, especially after watching the following…

To watch more episodes about this topic see HERE.

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18 thoughts on “Geo-engineering and Chemtrails…

  1. Hi Vee, I just spent a long time posting and it came up with an error email address and I lost all that I wrote. So I won’t get caught the second time, I’ll post write it and paste my comment.

    Early this year for about four months and the same time last year, I noticed chem. trails over the Gold Coast. I first noticed there was something wrong, when after having good rain, and the sky cleared and was blue, I noticed these criss-cross trails across the skies, which wasn’t normal. Then next day, the hinterland was covered in what appeared to be a dust or smoke shroud, which again wasn’t normal after good rain.

    Then awhile later, I noticed the foyer of our church and the Bowling Green I play bowls at, covered in many, many dead bees. I have also noticed in around our area how small birds have begun to disappear.

    I also, have a belief that the proliferation of our airways with electro magnetic radiation (EMR) from mobile phones and towers, Wi Fi hotspots, and all other forms of microwave transmitter are also having a devastating affect on bees and bird life, also the growing of plants.



    • Hi George,

      I am so glad you had the guts to post this comment. After watching that seven part video series which actually a movie called “What in the world are they spraying” and after learning about the ABC doing a movie called “bluebird” which is like a sci-fi but taken from factual accounts, I am beginning to think that something is afoot. Here’s the link if you’re interested:

      Last year, only twice, I noticed trails in the sky from four jets that had passed over. The trails spread and covered the whole sky and these new clouds lasted for hours. I have never seen that before. It was the summer time and the skies were as clear as anything, that was until these planes left a trail. This happened twice last summer.

      We have now entered summer again, and I am wondering if this will happen again. I didn’t notice anything on the ground. But one thing that did happen is that one of our trees in the front garden died. I put it down to a really bad heatwave that we had a few years ago. Which is probably more the case I think. But after learning that trees are dying on many acres of land where these trails have been witnessed in the States and Hawaii I investigated this tree dying phenomena further.

      I googled “Australia trees aluminum” and came up with something really interesting. Which will be in a post that is scheduled tomorrow. But I will let you know what I did find anyway and you can check the links out in tomorrows post.

      What I found was that in Adelaide koalas having been dying from renal failure due to aluminum toxicity. Apparently koalas are getting this aluminum from the gum leaves in the bush. Is that coincidence, I am not sure? Why would there be aluminum on gum leaves?

      Not only that, in the videos I have watched, apparently the bush fires are more intense (in the States) and they put this down to heavy metals found in plants that shouldn’t be there.

      There is also a link between heavy metals and infertility which is on the rise, Alzheimer’s which is on the rise, and cancer which is on the rise. On this video a young girl of three who has hippy parents and they only eat and use natural products and live in Hawaii had aluminum toxicity levels way above normal. Her parents are very concerned that they can’t see a clear sky anymore, they can barely see the stars at night! Their skies are visibly changing.

      According to the US government aluminum should only be 1000 parts in the environment, if it’s above that, the public by law, should be notified. Yet in some parts it is 69,000 parts and nothing is being said.

      I encourage everyone to spend some time watching these videos and see if this is not just a bit disturbing.

      Thanks again for taking your time in commenting, it’s not an easy thing to come out and say… Hey, somethings going on.


  2. I have no doubts whatsoever about this. I’m amazed you’ve only seen the trails twice! I see them criss-crossing our skies alllllll the time.

    Oak trees are dying all around, but I’ve attributed this to a disease called “oak wilt” (I wonder if metal toxicity could be a factor?…) Very sad about the birds, bees and koalas. Our bird life around here seems to be thriving alright. But I’m going to be keeping a keener eye on them now that you mention it.

    A lady who visited China before the summer olympics there was telling me about her asking someone what they would do if some events got rained out. The response was “The government won’t allow it to rain.” I remember watching it and seeing that God had other plans, as it did rain on some parts, but not enough to cancel an anything.

    Do the world governments really think they can play god over creation? The elitists want to reduce the world population by a few billion, and what do they think they’ll be left with? A paradise? Far from it! They are shooting themselves in the foot! We are so blessed to have a real and living Hope beyond this sin sick world.

    Good post, Vee. In just a few keystrokes, you’ve found some very interesting things. When I get some time, I look forward to checking out the ABC flick.


  3. I’m answering to your comment on my phone, so sorry in advance for any spelling errors. The ABC movie I checked out last night (late) and as far as I understand it, it’s a movie that is like a doco on the elite going ahead in battling climate change without governmental permission.


  4. I have to comment in parts coz I don’t know how to scroll down, so I fill up the box on my screen and then post.
    Anyway, the bluebird website is like a viral site. Which means you investigate throughout the site which appears to lead to other sites with conversations…


  5. between characters who are investigating project bluebird. It’s a clever way of getting factual information out there without paying a lot in advertising. it’s called viral because it spreads via blogs, forums etc.


  6. I am yet to watch one short video about the elite who finance and go ahead with geoengineering. I have just seen a very short ad within this viral site about the elite. The elite’s names are bill gates … Can’t remember the rest 🙂


  7. I do know that bill gates and the world health org’ has built some kind of arc that contains everything needed to start this world again as far plantation goes. This arc can sustain any environmental disaster. It’s in the arctic or somewhere like that. It contains pure seeds!


  8. interesting if you haven’t watched the 7 part series that is a real doco, in part 4 or 5 (can’t remember off hand) they talk to a former mayor from europe. He said that he is concerned with geoengineering and its hazardous affects, but he feels that something or some entities are looking out for us! Enter aliens!


  9. Vee, you’re such a nut! STOP
    Even when blogging from the phone STOP
    you are still informative (and entertaining) STOP 🙂

    Yes, I’ve heard of the seed storage thingy before. But, if the ground is already so contaminated from aluminum and other metals (via chemtrails), how can these be viable? Just thinkin’ out loud…

    Of course, being just another “useless eater”, how on earth can I be expected to comprehend such great minds like Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates. 😉


    • Yeah… I don’t see how the seed storage thing is connected just yet. Maybe someone else may stumble across this blog and give us some more information about this whole thing.

      Or perhaps I will just do some googling soon and see what I find??? Hmmmmm


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  11. Hi Vee, the seed bank is in Iceland.

    Also, I am an avid rose gardener, and over the past six years my roses have been disaster.

    Aluminium is a reflective layer, that can also be used for radar, that is, military radar.

    Also, the electro magnetic field prolideration of the ariways through mobile phones and towers, Wi Fi hotspots, and any form of microwave radiation also fits into the agenda, and is the reason for so many people suffering from Chronice Fatigue Syndrome, Sick Buildnint Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and Burning Mouth Sydrome.

    I could go further but I won’t



    • Hi George, it sounds like you have researched this quite a bit. I don’t mind if you want to comment further on this at all. Feel free to do so 🙂

      If they (whoever ‘they’ are?) are going to continue putting stuff in the air like this it could very well bring about apocalyptic conditions. That’s what I am seeing anyway.

      Thanks again for taking the time to come back and comment.

      In Christ



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