Beresford Job’s papers on “The Traditions of the Elders” and how it relates to the Church…

I have found a site where you can read Job’s articles. These pdf files are basically some of the chapters of the book that I am going through. Just thought I would let you know in case you are interested.

There is black and white. There is also much grey. Most everyone you meet will have an opinion about how one thing or another should be done, organized, said, or viewed. We each have a “view” of the church. It can range from how the physical structure of a church should be designed to whether spirituality can manifest itself in a physical sense. Some perspectives (views) can be passionate and logical while others can be light and inconsequential…and in between. We want to offer perspectives that are well-argued and compelling. Please read what is posted, evaluate, and then try to understand the contents. It may be that your position is strengthened, or maybe it will change.