BBC uncovers Sharia Law taught to School Children

British pupils taught Sharia way to cut off a thief’s hand

The government says it will not tolerate anti-Semitic and homophobic lessons being taught to Muslim children in the UK.

BBC Panorama found that more than 40 Saudi Students’ Schools and Clubs are teaching the official Saudi national curriculum to about 5,000 pupils.

One text book shows how the hands and feet of thieves are chopped off.

One of the text books asks children to list the “reprehensible” qualities of Jewish people. A text for younger children asks what happens to someone who dies who is not a believer in Islam – the answer given in the text book is “hellfire”.

Another text describes the punishment for gay sex as death and states a difference of opinion about whether it should be carried out by stoning, burning with fire or throwing the person over a cliff.

In a book for 14-year-olds, Sharia law and its punishment for theft are explained, including detailed diagrams about how hands and feet of thieves are amputated.

The use of these materials in Britain comes three years after a BBC investigation found a Saudi-funded school in west London was using texts that referred to Jewish people and Christians in derogatory terms. That prompted assurances at the highest diplomatic levels that the materials would be removed.

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2 thoughts on “BBC uncovers Sharia Law taught to School Children

  1. This of course is more evidence that the Muslim religion is pure evil and should not be tolerated in the civilized world.


    • I agree. I just wish western government and some Churches would wake up and smell the coffee. I really don’t think that Islam and democracy can live together. Islamic Fundamentalism will use democracy to its advantage to bring about Sharia law. It’s so obvious to me. Not only do the Islamic fundamentalists fight so called infidels, but they fight other more moderate Muslims.


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