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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday blasted a recent UNESCO decision which demands that Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem and the Cave of Patriarchs in Hebron be removed from the new list of Israel’s heritage sites, calling it an “absurd attempt to cut Israel off from its heritage.” The United Nations body in charge of preserving historical sites worldwide decided last week to redefine the two Jewish shrines as Palestinian mosques. [source]

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Comparisons of Israel to Nazi Germany are becoming increasingly common anti-Semitic conspiracies are used more freely in conversation.

LONDON – A report published by a Jewish community organization on Thursday highlights how old anti-Semitic themes to depict Israel and Zionism have become more widespread in mainstream British circles during the past year.

Comparisons of Israel and its supporters to Nazi Germany have become increasingly common among the public, and anti-Semitic conspiracy themes are being used more freely in conversation, the “Anti-Semitic Discourse in Britain in 2009” indicated. [source]

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