The Noble Quran…

I have just read that there is THE NOBLE QURAN which is the one that is preached in mosques which I have found, it’s an online one. This version according to wiki is…a translation of the Qur’an by contemporary Afghan Pashtun Islamic scholar Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan (Arabic: محمد محسن خان, muḥammad muḥsin khān) and Dr. Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din al-Hilali (Arabic: محمد تقي الدين الهلالي, muḥammad taqiyyu-d-dīn al-hilālī). It is reported to be the most popular and “now the most widely disseminated Qur’an in most Islamic bookstores and Sunni mosques throughout the English-speaking world.”

I have put up a link in my menu at the top of this blog under the ‘Philosophy and Religion’ — ‘Islam’ –‘The Noble Quran’ tab. It will take you to the online version.

I think the one I own is a watered down one. Even when reading that one it is clear that the Islamic religion is not just a religion but systematic ideology that is extremely political. When people say that Islam lived in peace with Jews and Christians, and that fact is stated in the Quran they are correct. You have to realise that was with the early spread of Islam. Once Islam was recognised to be a religion that worshiped another god and NOT the God of the bible there was opposition to Islam, that is when Islam became violent towards the Jews and Christians. Jews and Christians under the rule of Islam have always had to pay higher taxes and have always been classed as second class citizens so there has never been true equality within Islamic religion.

Also the Quran has been rearranged so it’s more peaceful verses are at the end of the book and the more punitive ones are at the front. When in actual fact the earliest verses are the more peaceful ones (and they are much shorter verses too) and the more violent ones are the later which actually contradicts Islamic history. When read the way it was revealed to Mohammad and when you understand historical Islam you get a better picture about how the Quran is to be interpreted. If you read the Quran without knowing the history behind it then you are not going to understand it.