Islam in Australia — Insight

I have just been doing a little bit more research on Islam today because of a show I watched last week called ‘Insight’. That show debated a topic — ‘The Fear of Islam’ – which was really interesting. I found the online webcast HERE and the transcript HERE.

After the show they mentioned about a web-extra that you could watch which only goes for a few minutes. That is about…A small community in the Gold Coast hinterland is fighting a proposal to build an Islamic centre of worship.
Insight’s online producer Camilla de Almeida went to Worongary to talk with Sean Mann, who lives across the road from the proposed site and his neighbour, Bill Parks.
We contacted the Islamic Society of the Gold Coast but they declined to comment before the council has made a decision.

You can watch this small snippet of video HERE.

There were other interesting links too. One that interested me was ‘Former Muslims United’ and…

In the US a debate is underway in New York about plans to build a Muslim community centre near Ground Zero. A Washington Post-ABC News poll recently found that found that most Americans object to the planned centre.

The Pew Research Centre has conducted several surveys on perceptions of Islam. A recent study in the US revealed that the public continues to express conflicted views of Islam. You can learn about the findings here.
German chancellor Angela Merkel recently said her country’s attempts to build a multicultural society have failed
More than 200 objections have been lodged against a mosque proposed for Worongary in Queensland.


The System of Islam (Nidham ul Islam)