What Progressive Christianity is really about – in their own words!

For more information on what ‘Progressive Christianity’ is all about see HERE (pdf file). Here’s a small quote:

One needs to look beyond the label ‘progressive’ to the underlying beliefs… in a 1979 interview
Wallis said “As more Christians become influenced by liberation theology, finding themselves
increasingly rejecting the values and institutions of capitalism, they will also be drawn to the
Marxist analysis and praxis that is so central to the movement. That more Christians will come to
view the world through Marxist eyes is therefore predictable.” Over the years Jim Wallis and
Sojourners have supported various Communist regimes including Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

You will note the term ‘Liberation Theology’. I have written about this before and how to recognise it.

Progressive Christianity is about meeting the needs of ‘social justice’ in today’s terms. But are we meant to interpret the bible through the lens of ‘social justice’? Remember that the term ‘social justice’ changes with the times. Ancient Greece not only encouraged pederasty, they institutionalised it. They considered it as a way for men to instil virtue in young boys. Although the sexual side of the relationship was the most infamous part of it, it was also a spiritual relationship as well. So today’s ‘social justice’ is just today’s, we don’t know what tomorrows will be or what it will change into.

In a book called ‘Mere Christianity’ by C S Lewis he says that soon enough being a Christian would mean just to be a good person and not necessarily holding to biblical truths…Now if once we allow people to start spiritualising and refining, or as they might say ‘deepening’, the sense of the word Christian, it too will speedily become a useless word. I wondered at how this would start, this newly defined Christianity. From what I have seen it is pragmatism that has paved ‘a’ road — and I say ‘a’ road because I believe that this road is one of many roads – to an all inclusive self authentic spiritual life.

Interesting to me is that being a ‘good person’ is open to interpretation too. It is subject to today’s social issues. What is considered good today was not good years ago and the same goes for the future. A good person tomorrow will look different from someone who is good today. Social justice is build on shifting sands at the whim of cultural trends. This is very dangerous.

One interesting thing that I have noticed… as I write more about this type of thing I find myself categorising this under the Political and the Political/Christian section of this blog. I can really see how this move is combining faith with government and that the separation between Church and State is beginning to erode. Considering what the bible says about the last days kingdom before Christ comes again this should be a warning to those who consider themselves to be conservative bible believing Christians.

Anyway, I hope you watch the video and see how progressives actually interpret the bible and view Jesus. It’s a real eye opener.

3 thoughts on “What Progressive Christianity is really about – in their own words!

    • no probs Lorrie 🙂 The part where I laughed my head off was when Todd is holding some kind of hand wash and says … “hahaha… I believe this is Jesus. Why? Because I fashioned a god to suit myself.”

      Priceless 😀

      But seriously this is no laughing matter. I just don’t know why these progressives don’t just say the truth and call themselves progressive gnostic’s. That bothers me somewhat.


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