Out of the grave…

We all remember those miners who spend many days in the depths of the earth in Chile recently. We all watched as one by one they were pulled out of the earth. It’s funny, because I remember thinking it was like they were being raised from death. The earth was their grave and they have been brought out of that grave like being born again.

Well, did you notice those t-shirts that they were wearing. Did you wonder what was written on those shirts? To be honest with you, I never gave it much thought. But what was written was something that should be blogged about and it should be shared!

Here’s a video showing you what their rescue from the earth actually meant to them.


8 thoughts on “Out of the grave…

  1. God is truly faithful, and to see those miners with the t-shirts on with Jesus is really awsome.
    Praise the Lord for he is great!!!!!!!


  2. Hi, a friend on Facebook sent me a link indicating that the symbol is actually an inverted pentagram (http://vigilantcitizen.com) – The Odd Masonic Imagery of the 33 Chilean Miners’ Rescue (14th October 2010). Hmm. Anyway, then what about the psalm on the back of the t-shirt? If it was all supposedly to do with masonic imagery why would that be allowed?


  3. Oh man. Okay, I saw those shirts and saw Jesus written on them, and hoped they would remember this – such a great analogy to the world. I also watched a live BBC interview of the Anglican chaplain to the Chilean president which was really quite amazing and gave glory to the power of Jesus. I think you can catch it here:
    So all this freemasonry stuff puts a damper on the whole thing, although it does appear to fit. Wow. Interesting. All I can say is – God is in control and can use anything for His glory.


  4. Hi, been thinking of my earlier post and feel that I shouldn’t have posted it. I think I was depressed when I read the other article about the freemasonry symbols. So apologies to all! A pastor’s letter I read was most uplifting – “every miner, every worker, and the President of Chile himself all recognised that this rescue was made possible by the hand of God – a miracle! Truly, it was an event comparable to a resurrection from the dead. These men were as good as dead, entombed 2,300 feet underground. But they were found and rescued! Watching that first miner come out of the rescue module – with all the feelings and emotions of the miraculous moment, with the singing and cheering – one could not help but think about how great the resurrection from the dead is going to be …”


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