Tektonic Website; a wealth of good information…

I was on Facebook this morning and was browsing some status updates from Creation Ministries. This led me to a website called Tekton Education and Apologetics Ministry. Exploring a little bit further I found a most excellent page with many essays that talk about the bible and myth. I guess I wanted to post about this because of my last few posts which have touched on the subject.

If this subject is one that comes up in conversation in your life and you would like to educate yourself more on this ever increasing topic…

Were Bible stories and characters stolen from pagan myths?

Topics include:

General Essays

Analysis of general principles used by the “borrowing” thesis.

Some notes on alleged parallels between Christianity and pagan religions — an introductory commentary by a classical scholar writing for us as “Justin Martyr”

On Napoleon as Myth translated by “Justin Martyr”

What did Justin Martyr Really Say?

Glenn Miller’s general essay refuting the pagan-copycat thesis

Creation Ministries International on Indian creation myths

Also this website has a hub of many other topics which you can find HERE.

I’m going to blogroll this website and apparently I can also put these pages in my menu at the top of this blog, I think??? I will attempt to do so (Wooof whooo, I have done it. It’s under Christianity; Theology :)). And I have put it in my ‘Theological Resources’ page which is also in the menus bar at the top of this blog! Hope this helps a few of you regarding ancient myth and the bible. I am sure it will help me. 🙂

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  1. Hey, one of the links (The More Things Change) doesn’t take me to the right page. Aaaarh!


    • It must be a link removed from their website. I will remove it from my post. Cheers for spotting that. I just copied and pasted from their website 🙂


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