There is a beautiful side of evil

The following youtube really hits the mark concerning what evil looks like. Evil is seductive, manipulative and subtle, it always has a hint of truth mixed in with lies. Always!

Perhaps you would be interested in a study about the serpent in the garden. I have found one that looks pretty good.

Because of certain events that have happened to my family over the last four years I have come to know evil with all its seductive, manipulating ways. I have seen the beautiful side of evil first hand. Evil whispers to you things that you want to hear. It recognises your vulnerabilities and works on them by building you up and telling you things that you think you need to hear. It flatters you, and you begin to trust it. It is intimate and you feel a deep connection with it. But when the scales fall from your eyes, and you see that it has been lies from the very start, you really understand how evil works.

How do we protect ourselves from evil? This video just touches on a few ways.

Silence, breath

A feather wisps by and caresses the lips

Silence, breath

What is this feather?

silence, breath

Does it want to speak?

Silence, breath

Does it want to speak the truth?

Silence, hear

A feather floats by and tickles the ears

Silence, hear

A feather of praise

Silence, hear

A feather of false flattery

Silence, hear

This feather speaks lies


4 thoughts on “There is a beautiful side of evil

  1. So true, so true! My daily prayers include a request for God to protect me from deception and to reveal any area of it existing in my life! I’ve been deceived before and it still amazes me. It’s different than being fooled. It left me feeling so vulnerable. All deceptions have a ‘germ’ of truth….

    That’s a good study that you found and so is the video. I would just add (because of I have friends and family in false religion) that to study, study, study is in deed a key BUT study the right book. The Bible is the ONLY word of Yahweh!

    Great post!! LOVE, LOVE the poem 🙂


    • Thanks for your comment Lorrie. I pray for the same thing. You are right when you say the you have to study the right book.

      I have just made another post about this contemplative prayer and how it ties in with Madame Blavatsky. I have found a site that has published some of her works. One book is called ‘The voice of silence’. I have quoted quite heavily from her book and I hope I get the point across about the connections between contemplative prayer and the occult. The church has got totally sucked into the occult without even realizing it. How sad 😦

      Keep your eyes on Christ and in His Word 🙂



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