Two things…

A ‘new world order’ is a vision long shared by political leaders, industrialists, and intellectuals around the world. ‘Peace and security, freedom, and the rule of law’, what a wonderful idea! Strange then, that they have tried to conceal the reality of their vision from the wider public. For over thirty years, the European project was sold to the British people as little more than a benign free-trade agreement, despite the fact most of our new laws originate in Brussels and we are being asked to relinquish most of our independence under the European Constitution. The same process is underway on the American continent: NAFTA and the Free Trade Area of the Americas are the basis for supra-national political bureaucracies based on the European model. Evolution rather than revolution is the chosen course because, as the Fabian Society noted, the wolf in sheep’s clothing stands a better chance of getting lunch than his colleague openly salivating amongst the flock.

The end game is one-world government: The relinquishing of sovereignty to continental mega-states and the unification of these power blocs under the United Nations. This is the geo-political skeleton of the New World Order, which its advocates realize most people would reject.


The No Cap-and-Trade Coalition is an alliance of organizations concerned about the devastating impact that a cap-and-trade scheme could have on American families, businesses and the faltering US economy.

At the onset, cap-and-trade is projected to cost the average family over $1,700 per year in new energy costs, growing to over $6,000 per year by 2035. Independent analyses of cap-and-trade proposals project the loss of millions of additional jobs and trillions of dollars out of the nation’s GDP.

The U.N. climate treaty being currently debated proposes a massive shift from American taxpayers to third-world countries by forcing the U.S. to make payments of billions of dollars in “climate debt”. In addition, increased energy costs will drive manufacturing out of the United States, resulting in the loss of millions of jobs.